Insurance Company Claims Attorney in Houston, Texas

Insurance company regularly use “delay, deny and defend” tactics when handling policyholder claims. At The Callahan Law Firm, we represent policyholders against their insurance companies in insurance claim disputes arising from personal insurance claims on life insurance policies and homeowners policies, as well as commercial insurance claims on personal property policies. property insurance for theft, fire, hurricanes and other disasters.

Our Houston-base insurance attorneys understand that insurance policies are write by insurance companies with their own interests in mind, not those of their policyholders. Insurance companies have armies of attorneys and other staff whose only job is to help the insurance company avoid paying what it should.

Insurance companies are in the business of collecting premiums from their policyholders and then doing whatever it takes to save money when a claim is made, whether it’s offering a less than fair settlement or denying the claim outright.

Texas Insurance Claims Attorneys Fighting Insurance Companies in Claims Disputes

The insurance claims attorneys at The Callahan Law Firm aggressively represent policyholders in claim disputes with their insurance companies to make sure they get the insurance coverage that was paid for.

From our offices in Houston, Texas, the attorneys at The Callahan Law Firm help policyholders throughout the state of Texas fight back when their insurance companies wrongfully deny an insurance claim.

Our Texas insurance claim attorneys handle all insurance claim dispute cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that we do not get paid unless your insurance company compensates you. We have the knowledge, skill, and experience to help individuals and businesses with insurance claims.

Business insurance claim

Businesses rely on insurance coverage to limit their exposure to risks such as fire, theft, business interruption and other losses. When such a crisis occurs, they expect the insurance company to hold up its end of the bargain. When the insurance company denies or underestimates the claim, it can result in financial hardship and significant financial loss.

Long-term disability claim

The language in insurance policies is deliberately confusing and often virtually impossible for many people to understand. You may feel intimidate by a claims adjuster or other representative aggressively telling you that your claim is not cover. Our long-term disability insurance attorneys, professional staff, and outside expert resources are equip to handle the intensive fact-finding, negotiations, and litigation that may be require to obtain the result you deserve. We refuse to be intimidated by the wealth and power of insurance companies or the “deny, delay and defend” tactics they teach their adjusters and attorneys.

Homeowners Insurance Claim

Has your valid storm, fire, or theft claim been denied by your homeowner’s insurance company? Are you dealing with intolerable delays, false claims on your part, or a settlement offer way below what you think your coverage should provide? Our experience extends to cases arising from:

  • Hurricane Ike and other storms causing extensive and costly damage to homes and businesses
  • Pipe Burst, Caused by Hard Freeze and Water Damage in South Texas Homes
  • fires and explosions
  • Own construction defects
  • Theft insurance claims involving valuable items

Insurance agent negligence

If a crisis should strike and you need to rely on your insurance coverage. Mistakes made by your insurance agent can leave you stranded. A blunder made by an insurance specialist, regardless of whether deliberate, can prompt a refusal of the inclusion you want or even wiping out of your contract.

Mistakes made by a protection specialist can bring about serious monetary misfortune for the safeguarded. Protection specialist carelessness can take many structures. A few normal models include:

  • Not sufficiently making sense of the conditions of the strategy.
  • Inability to compose a strategy that gives adequate or right inclusion
  • Remembering wrong data for a protection structure
  • Inability to give the insurance agency every vital structure

Convenient installment demand

On the off chance that you have not get a “prompt installment” after a substantial protection guarantee, a Houston protection lawyer can help. Too often, an insure is keep in the dark by the insurance company about the status of their claim. One of the obligations of an insurance company with those it insures is to respond immediately to any report claim.

This means that your insurance company must acknowledge your claim in writing and immediately begin its investigation. Then, once their investigation is complete, the insurance company must tell you right away whether or not the claim will be pay.

Texas Department of Insurance

The TDI Texas Department of Insurance is a state government agency responsible for regulating the insurance industry in Texas. When insurance agents and companies engage in unfair and illegal practices, the TDI can impose fines or penalties. According to the agency, more than 30,000 TDI complaints are resolve each year. However, in some cases, the main action take is to report the complaint.


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