Important: Do Not Neglect Your Company’s Disinfection Protocol

The image of a company is the first letter of introduction to our clients. Therefore, it is essential to carefully care for and carry out your company’s disinfection protocol.

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A good cleaning and disinfection will lead to an increase in the -performance the workers as they are in optimal conditions to carry out their work. Most companies choose to put this task in the hands of professionals, they opt for outsourcing the cleaning service. In this way, they ensure that every corner of your business is shiny. From the SCS Group Cleaning Solution, we explain the importance of respecting the different disinfection protocols of your company and its benefits.

Do you know how to apply the disinfection protocol in offices?

These types of rooms have numerous furniture and accessories that make the dust sneak through any gap. For this reason, we must apply continuously the protocol for disinfection and cleaning of offices in-depth depending on the furniture that is available. 

Dust removal


Allergies and colds are the great feared at certain times of the year. One of the main causes of this is the dust that accumulates in the different holes in the office. Therefore, dust removal is essential to maintain the health of workers. Also, seeing dust on the table or on the furniture gives an impression of dirt and damages the image of the company. 

Treatment in different upholstery


To carry out a disinfection protocol in your company, it is necessary to know the different upholstery that the company has. Considering the composition of the fabrics is the first step to treating them correctly in their disinfection and not using chemicals that can damage them. This is one of the main reasons having a professional cleaning service in Sydney and Melbourne will be beneficial for your company’s success, since they are knowledgeable about each of the products necessary for the type of surface.

Electronic devices 


The most common objects to find in an office are those related to technology. Computers, monitors, laptops and screens, printers… The direct contact of these with the workers is daily. To avoid the transmission of germs, daily treatment of each of them is vital. 

The protocol regarding this type of object has to be performed daily. Starting with exhaustive disinfection to kill bacteria and, immediately afterward, cleaning them with the products in the correct way so as not to damage them. 

Toilets, bathrooms, restrooms


One room with the highest traffic of people in the toilet. Therefore, special attention must be paid to disinfecting it. The good condition of a company’s bathrooms is key to good hygiene. Disinfection in these rooms must be thorough and with products that guarantee the elimination of dirt, many bacteria, and viruses.

From SCS Group, Cleaning solutions in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, and Brisbane. We are experts in taking care of every detail. Our goal is the health of your customers and employees. If you want to know about your budget, you just have to contact us with no commitment.




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