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How to Use Decorative Lumbar Pillows and Cushions the Right Way

Decorative cushions play a significant role in elevating the overall look of your house. These luxury pillows and decorative cushions are available in a wide array of shapes, sizes, and colors. And of course, you can use them in multiple ways other than just sleeping on them.

So how can you use decorative lumber pillows and cushions to dash some style to your house? Let’s find out.

How to Use Pillows and Cushions for Decorative Purposes

  1. Discover Your Color Palette

The first thing you must do is discover your color palette. This would help you choose the right color for your cushions that also complements your overall style. Home decor outlet stores in the USA have cushions available in almost any and every color.

Moreover, you can also consider the central colors of the room you intend to get the cushions for. Look around the house and closely observe the colors of furnishings, curtains, or any accessories. Consequently, the cushions will fit just right in the room.

  1. Decide on the Number of Cushions

The number of cushions you add to a room should be based on the style of that particular room. For example, if you want a room to have a traditional look, go for an even number of cushions. The best thing to do there is to pick two solid square cushions with matching colors and place them in every corner of the sofas.

Next, take two smaller pattern cushions with matching colors and put them in front of the bigger ones. Similarly, if you want an eclectic or modern look, go for an odd number. Then, place various scatter cushions together while following the color palette of your room. Visit a modern home decor store and see what fits right.

  1. Try Our Different Textures

Indeed, there are numerous ways to use scatter cushions but the most effective one is using textures. Using one material for all of the designs across the room can look quite stale and boring. By incorporating different materials and fabrics in the mix, an intense textual effect can be created. This would efficiently highlight the unique characteristics of every cushion.

Notably, you can create a mix of various textures that’d surely come across as visually appealing. If you like having a minimal style then you can also go for something simple. You can find such a thing very easily at a wholesale home décor store.

  1. Set Your Room’s Tone

Scatter cushions and decorative lumbar pillows can significantly transform any room. Hence, it gets significant to have a good look at the room before you get cushions for it. For instance, a splash of bright colors like pink or red cushions can add amazing contrast to any melancholy decor. They will also look like the centerpiece of a bleak room with their vivid colors.

  1. Change the Cushions According to the Season

With every new season comes the opportunity of freshening up your house in various ways. The easiest way to change your room’s overall look is to match the cushion or pillow styling with the ongoing season.

For example, go for bright colors like tallow, green, and orange during the summer and spring seasons. Similarly, for winter and autumn, choose more somber colors and earthier tones.

Final Words

Cushions and decorative lumber pillows can be great decoration pieces. You just need to identify the kind of style and color palette you like. Once that is done, you can see your house transforming by only adding a bunch of scatter cushions and pillows.

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