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How to Remove Puffy Eyes with a Laser Treatment


Puffy eyes can be a real problem for many people. They can cause fatigue, difficulty sleeping, and a feeling of dehydration. But perhaps the worst part is that they don’t have to be! Laser treatments can help remove the puffiness from your eyes in no time at all. Here are three steps to follow.


How to Remove Puffy Eyes with a Laser Treatment

Laser therapy is a type of medical treatment that uses light to cause the production of tears. This treatment procedure is popular in treating various conditions such as puffy eyes, dry eyes, and eyelid surgery. A laser treatment for puffy eyes uses a powerful laser beam to remove any built-up fluid around your eyes. The goal is to remove the excess oil and debris so that your vision can improve and your pupil size will shrink.


How Does a Laser Treatment Work

A laser treatment works by using pulses of light to damage or remove material from the eye surface. This damage can take place in multiple ways, including through ablative (non-ablative) laser treatments: In this type of treatment, the laser works to break down the outer layer of skin, causing this material to flap away gently like an onion.

This approach is often called “rupturing” because it breaks down large pieces of skin at once rather than targeting specific areas like ablative (non-ablative) lasers do which causes more localized damage.

Pulsed dye lasers: In this type of laser treatment, light waves are sent through a dye into the eye instead of across it as with ablative lasers. As these waves pass through the dye, they cause destruction or loss of molecules within that area – leading to a corresponding reduction in opacity (the ability for light to pass through), which then allows medical professionals access to examine the inside of the eye without having to use magnification equipment.

This approach is also called a “pulsed dye laser” because the light waves are sent through a blue or violet dye instead of red, green, or yellow.


How to Choose the Right Laser Treatment for You

Before you begin any laser treatment, it is important to understand your specific needs. There are a few things that you may need to consider before selecting a treatment, it is important to research the different types of treatments available and find a treatment that will fit within your budget.

Once you have chosen a treatment, it is important to follow the directions that were provided with the machine. Many times, you can always find sources through the internet or local clinics.


How to Remove Puffy Eyes with a Laser

Before starting laser treatment for puffy eyes, it’s important to understand the basics of how the procedure works. In general, a laser is a machine that uses energy to cause an area of skin or eye tissue to change color. This change can be from a mild redness to complete removal of the puffiness and dark circles under your eyes.

To start, you will need to receive training in how to use the laser. The therapist will then place a small amount of the Laser Treatment Solution (LTS) on your skin or eye area. You will then need to wait for it to take effect and allow the laser light to travel through your skin or eye. Once it has reached your target, the light should be turned off and you will need to wait several minutes for the effect of the laser therapy to wear off.


How to Choose the Right Laser Treatment for Your Eyes

Before selecting a laser treatment plan, it’s important that you understand what specifically what you intend to remove from your eyes. There are three main types of lasers used for puffy eyes: thermal, ablative, and photodynamic therapies (PDTs).

Thermal lasers work best when treated on areas that have high temperatures such as around eyeshadows and eyeliner products, face wash products, sunscreens, or contact lenses. These treatments can cause redness and inflammation in targeted areas but are less likely to cause permanent damage.

Ablative lasers are better suited for treating larger areas such as bridge veins or other deeper tissues deep inside your eyeballs. They may also require more time before they result in complete removal of puffiness and dark circles under your eyes than photodynamic therapies (PDTs).


Tips for Successfully Remove Puffy Eyes with a Laser

The first step in removing puffy eyes is to use the right technique. Use a laser treatment plan that is specifically designed for puffy eyes, and follow the directions carefully. If you have any questions about the treatment plan, ask your doctor or nurse practitioner.


Follow the Directions Carefully

Be sure to follow the directions exactly as they are written, and be patient while using the laser treatment. Do not try to do too much at once – keep things simple and focus on getting the results you want. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids and eat healthy foods during and after treatment, so you don’t get sick.

Get Help if You Have any Questions

If you experience any issues with the laser treatment, don’t hesitate to get help from a healthcare professional. Make sure to tell them about any symptoms that occur – this will help them better understand how best to treat your condition. It is important to approach a therapist or doctor who has great experience in this field, in order to have a smooth treatment procedure and the best result. If you have any other questions about the procedure or treatment plan, ask your doctor or nurse practitioner directly.



A laser treatment for puffy eyes can help you remove puffy eyes in a quick and easy way. By following the correct techniques and using the right laser treatment, you can successfully remove your puffy eyes in a few visits. If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to get help from our staff. Thanks for reading!


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