How to Learn Ethical Hacking Course Online

Everyone who knows about hacking is curious to know how things happen in hacking. It means they want to learn about hacking curiously. Perhaps you are tired of hearing the stories about hackers doing their jobs. All of it would seem like a science fiction movie. Well, not anymore. This post will help you understand what exactly hacking is. Not that only, it is your guide to hacking. Thus, be ready to start your being a hacker journey from this point.

This article is for the ones who want to learn tips about hacking. You will go through a lot of tips about hacking at a beginner’s level. If you are an online student who wants to learn hacking but cannot spend time learning due to your classes no worries. You can ask either your friends or siblings to Take My Classes For Me so that you can spend time learning to hack peacefully.

Learning Ethical Hacking For Beginners

First of all, you need to understand what actually hacking is. Know that hacking has many niches, just like marketing. If you think to start your career in cyber security, you will have many paths to follow. Thus, first, you have to decide in which niche you want to go. If you are unaware of the niches of hacking, no worries. Here are some of the careers of hacking you can dive into.

  • Digital forensics
  • Malware/threat detecting
  • Auditing
  • Social engineering
  • And other career tracks

Each of the above careers has immense info about it. You can find more on the internet about these fields. Anyway, most people do not have any experience or know-how in hacking. If you are from one of them, you should first understand the types of hacking before moving toward learning it. Thus, below are some basics and fundamentals of hacking that will help you learn this field.

Meaning and Types of Hacking

Perhaps you do not know this fact, but the meaning of hacking is detecting vulnerabilities of a specific. Also, not only detecting the weaknesses but to gaining its access. That is the core meaning of hacking, no matter whichever field you choose.

Besides, hacking comes in many types, such as ethical and unethical. Ethical hacking is the good one, where the hackers are white-hat hackers. They work under permission, with authorization, and lawfully. Ethical hacking is where hackers use their skills to protect a system. These types of hackers are also the ones who work for cyber security departments. On the other hand, there are unethical hackers, which you can call the black-hat hackers. They access their target’s system without their permission. r

If you want to know more about ethical and unethical hackers, below are brief descriptions of their backgrounds.

  • White Hat Hackers:

    They come under the area of ethical hacking.

  • Black Hat Hackers:

    The typical hacker you watch in the movies. They are the exact opposite of ethical hackers.

  • Grey Hat Hackers:

    These hackers possess both ethical and unethical hacker attributes.

  • Script Kiddie:

    It is a term to identify hackers without skills who use ready-made tools to fulfill their purposes.

  • Hacktivist:

    It is a strange type of hacking, where a hacker steals someone’s idea and leave a note for them.

I believe now you are aware of what hacking is and its types. Thus, now you can proceed to learn ethical hacking online. Know that it takes a thought to become an unethical hacker from being an ethical one. So be very careful with the knowledge you will get from the hacking online courses. Besides, here are some of the best online courses to learn about ethical hacking.

IBM’s Beginner Level Cybersecurity and Hacking Courses

IBM offers many beginner-level ethical hacking and cybersecurity courses. They are an excellent online course to learn ethical hacking for beginners. These courses will offer essential info and basic knowledge of hacking, cybersecurity, and many cyber-attacks. Even if you have zero knowledge and no idea about hacking, you can still enroll in them. Also, you can avail a free trial of some early chapters before purchasing IBM’s online courses. Besides, at the end of the online courses, you will learn about these essential factors of hacking:

  • Information Security

  • IBM New Collar

  • Malware

  • Cybersecurity

  • Cyber Attacks

Coursera’s Computer Security and Networks

The best thing about this online course is that it is free. You can simply make an account on the Coursera, find this online course, and start learning. This online course will offer you the basics of the algorithm of computer security software. Even just learning the basics, you can apply for junior local job posts within the area. What else can you expect from a free online course? Besides, you will get to learn under the guidance of Michael Hicks, a professor from the University of Maryland. Eventually, at the completion of this online course, you will learn:

  • Fuzz Testing

  • Buffer Overflow

  • SQL Injection

  • Penetration Test


Ethical hacking is definitely a good career to pursue students. If you are also a student who wants to learn ethical hacking courses online, but your other online courses are not allowing you, do not worry. You know that you can ask someone to Take My Classes For Me, and no one is going to know about it. That is what I suggest you do. In this way, you can devote time to learning the above ethical hacking courses. Besides, I hope this article has helped you understand ethical hacking and how to learn it.

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