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How to get the find the knowledge base examples

The advantages of creating a knowledge base Meet Docs, Help Scout’s knowledge base solution 18 additional knowledge base examples to emulate Use these examples to make your knowledge base shine .

There are numerous reasons to have help documentation on your customer-facing website; however, it is not sufficient to simply have them: Your customers may become even more perplexed or irritated by your documentation if knowledge base examples is not done well.

Lastly, knowledge base content provides a wealth of information about user preferences and habits. 

Your customers may become even more perplexed or irritated by your documentation if it is not done well.

Use the examples below as a great starting point for developing unique content for your knowledge base.

Help Scout’s knowledge base solution, Meet Docs, is an accessible, simple knowledge base builder that allows you to create a robust, media-rich help center without having to code.

  • Here is a look at our own help site, which is built on the Help Scout platform, to give you an idea of how Docs could help your organization.
  • Site Design Although we concur with Bill Gates’ assertion that “content is king,” design and branding are also significant.
  • However, as your company or product expands, so will the amount of information required to reach your target audience.
  • Organizing your documentation will be essential to ensuring that it is useful to your readers once this expansion begins.
  • Using Docs, knowledge bases can organize their content using collections, categories, and articles in a three-tiered system.
  • Docs’ organizational system is made up of collections, which make up the top layer. You may only require one collection, or you may require multiple collections, depending on your organization’s requirements.

Articles are the primary components of our knowledge base. Each article ought to address a specific problem or topic of conversation.

Website’s search function is more important than the content itself.

  • Access to additional support quickly Despite our efforts to make it simple for customers to locate the information they require in our knowledge base, some inquiries are better addressed via email or live chat.
  • Beacon, our engagement tool, is used all over our website to connect visitors with the assistance they require.
  • All Help Scout plans include access to Docs and Beacon; Monthly fees start at $20 per user.

With Help Scout Docs, you can discover the power of self-service, create and publish answers for customers, and reduce the volume of your customer support by at least 20%.

1.Nike Nike’s knowledge base accurately portrays its brand.

Nike Knowledge Base Example Instead of being referred to as a list of frequently asked questions, it is referred to as “Quick Assists” in sports lingo. Additionally, it has done an excellent job of prioritizing frequently asked questions.

Spotify’s knowledge base is not only visually appealing

But also extremely simple to use and comprehend. It has a prominent search bar at the top of its knowledge base and some of the most frequently asked questions that are directly visible in that section:

Spotify Knowledge Base Example From there, it divides the questions into buckets that can be accessed and contain hot links to specific subjects. Accessibility and simplicity of this kind are crucial because many users are likely on mobile devices. Spotify uses its knowledge of its users to tailor its help center to meet their requirements.

3.For such a visually focused, design-driven brand, Instagram’s knowledge base is significantly more stripped down than most would anticipate:

Instagram excels at concentrating on the most recent and significant content at the top of its feed. 

Users are empowered by this knowledge base,

Eliminating the need to search for categories or scroll incessantly. In a similar vein, the fact that this help center is primarily accessible via mobile devices makes it even more user-friendly.

Lyft Lyft does an excellent job of making its knowledge base mobile-friendly:

Lyft’s knowledge base has a prominent search bar option at the top, followed by popular articles and functional categories below.

Knowledge base example stands out because of its structure.

Lyft has made an effort to make it as simple as possible for users to locate the data they require with minimal effort.

The broadest and simplest option, a search bar, is followed by a list of popular articles and user-based categories before displaying all of the available help topics.

By logging in, you can also customize the content that is displayed:

AirBnB Knowledge Base Example The user’s name and various categories that might interest them are added to the content. Similar to the top categories, the popular articles that were displayed prior to logging in are located below the suggested categories. Below the popular articles is a separate section called Airbnb basics.

Dropbox’s knowledge base makes it simple for users to search its vast library of content:

Various ways that a user might wish to navigate a help center.

The knowledge base for Amazon Web Services (AWS) is extremely straightforward and straightforward—just what its target audience wants. Due to the content’s organization and navigation capabilities, this is an excellent example of a FAQ:

Knowledge base example If the content isn’t meeting the needs of the viewer, you’ll find helpful links on the left. If the viewer does not already have a free account, there is also a promotional button for creating one.

It makes sense that AWS would have detailed, technical-oriented knowledge base articles given the target audience’s technical background. Check your statistics frequently to see how your audience responds to your content and meet them where they are.

Billie Billie has a somewhat unconventional knowledge base. 

Billie Knowledge Base Example Because it matches the brand’s tone, this example is so brilliant.

There are helpful links to the main categories and a list of questions as the user scrolls down:

Billie is an example from the knowledge base. Billie is a young, playful brand that focuses specifically on aesthetics. The same playfulness and beauty must permeate its help center.

WhatsApp makes it simple for users who are coming from a particular platform to locate precisely what they require, and there is parity across platforms. This means that there is an article on “How to restore your chat history” for each platform.


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