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How to Divide Large PST File in Outlook – Complete Solution

Blog Summary: – If you are one of those individuals who are looking for an exemplary solution to divide large PST file, then you are on the right page. In this blog, we will show you multiple methods to break up large PST files.

Whenever an Outlook data file exceeds its maximum file size limit, there are chances that you might end up losing your data or with corrupted items. That is why many users search for a solution to divide large PST file so that they can manage the size of their data files and control their system from running out of space.

To your rescue, we have bundled up quite a few techniques that will be helpful for you to break up large PST files. Users can take a look at each method and then decide which method they want to utilize for this procedure.

Methods to Break Up Large PST Files in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2007 & 2003

Upon searching, we have come across multiple methods that can be useful for this specific query. Here you can follow these workaround methods to divide large PST file:-

Maintaining Large PST File via Move to Folder Option

Users can opt for this workaround method to Break up large PST files. For this, make sure to follow the below-listed steps:-

  1. First, Open MS Outlook and navigate to the File tab. After that, select Account Settings>>Account Settings.
  2. Next, click on the Data Files and press the Add button to browse a new PST file.
  3. Afterward, Move back to the Home button and open your default data file of the Outlook profile. Then, choose the items that you wish to move to a new PST file that you have just created.
  4. Now, hit on the Move option and then choose Copy to Folder option.
  5. You need to select the PST file to move all the chosen items from the default PST to a new one.
  6. In the last step, you can remove the copied stuff from your default data file to reduce its size.

Divide Large PST File via Import/Export Wizard

One can make use of the Import/Export wizard to break up large PST files. Following are the steps to help you accomplish this task:-

  1. Repeat steps 1 and 2 from the above-mentioned method.
  2. After that, one can preview their newly made data file under the Data files section.
  3. Next, click on the File tab and then open & export>>Import/Export.
  4. Choose Export a file in Import and Export Wizard and hit the Next button.
  5. You can now choose Outlook data file (.pst) and press the Next button from the Export Windows.
  6. Then, select Folders to Export and make sure to check the Include sub-folders option if you wish to export the sub-folders.
  7. After doing this, you can choose your desired destination to save your file. Click on the options to disallow exporting duplicate items dialog box and hit the Finish tab. You can also create a password for your file as per your requirement.

Using Archive Wizard

The archive wizard can be utilized for reducing the size of the large PST file in Outlook. One needs to follow these mentioned steps for this process:-

1. For this step, Launch Outlook and open File then Info>>Tools>>Clean Up Old Items.

2. Now, you need to select a folder to archive and then choose a specific date to archive older items. After that, click on the Browse option to save the archive file to the required destination.

This method will help you to reduce the size of the data file and also save your older items to your desired path one by one in Outlook and utilize them when you need them.

Why do Manual Methods fail to Provide Accurate Results?

There is no guarantee that a manual method will provide satisfactory results. You may ask why? Well, there are some disadvantages that came with these techniques whatsoever. In this segment, we will discuss the drawbacks that come along with these methods:-

  • To use the mentioned methods, one needs to have some type of technical knowledge or assistance.
  • Along with that, the repetitive steps can lead to data loss and corruption.
  • The entire process in general is quite time-consuming.
  • Thus, data integrity and security are not guaranteed with these methods.

Expert Suggested Solution to Divide Large PST File in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 & 2003

The above-mentioned techniques require you to have the technical knowledge to perform the procedure. And you need to have MS Outlook installed in your system to do that. What if you don’t have Outlook installed on your system? Then you cannot make use of any technique mentioned here. You don’t need to worry then, we have the perfect solution for you. The PST Splitter Software helps users to divide large PST files without any Outlook installation. Hence, this tool is highly recommended by IT experts and it is compatible with all versions of Windows OS.

Guide to Split a Large Outlook Data File

Follow these below-listed steps to perform this task accordingly:-

  1. Launch this application on your Windows system.
  2. After that, add your files by choosing either of the options: Add File/Folder or Search
  3. Hit on the Browse option to choose your desired location to save your output data file. After selecting the destination path, you can click on the Next
  4. Now, you can choose any required Split options to split your files by date, year, folder, email id, and category.
  5. Finally, make sure to check the summary of the Split info and hit the Next


How to Divide Large PST file is a common issue faced by every Outlook user. In this article, we have explained multiple techniques to help you solve this query quickly. But by using the manual way, you can end up losing your data or your file can get corrupted. To save you from all this hassle, we have mentioned a hassle-free automated solution to help you tackle this issue. Hence, I will recommend you read this blog carefully and go through the above-mentioned software and download the software now to get your all queries resolved in a few clicks.

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