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How to choose the right baby sleeping bag?

sleeping bag

Are you wondering how to choose the right sleeping bag for your baby? What thickness? What material? And then, what is the TOG? Today, we help you choose the ideal sleeping bag for your baby!

But first, what is a sleeping bag for?

Also called a sleeping bag, the sleeping bag is a baby sleeping bag. Paediatricians recommend its use up to the age of two. Why? First of all, the sleeping bag offers security to your baby. The use of duvets, blankets, pillows or sheets is prohibited until this age! Indeed, the sleeping bag limits the risk of suffocation, and the baby can sleep safely. For his safety, also be sure to lay him on his back with nothing around it. In addition, it is also a question of comfort for your little one. While warm in his sleeping bag, the baby enjoys sleeping at a temperature that is intended to be adequate and constant. Adapted to his morphology, a baby will be comfortable in his sleeping bag. He will thus be able to “wiggle” as he wishes in complete safety.

In addition, be sure to choose sleeping bags that are easy, practical to put on and adapted to the use you want to make of them. Some are, for example, specially designed to allow car seat straps to pass through.

What size to choose?

The main thing when you choose the sleeping bag for your little one is that it fits well. Indeed, it must be neither too small, at the risk that the baby feels tight and cramped, nor too big, so he cannot slip inside. It must, in particular, be adjusted to the passage of the arms and at the level of the width of the neck. A sleeping bag in the right size will provide a reassuring environment for the baby and allow him to have freedom of movement.

Regarding the sizes, there are many for you to find the most appropriate sleeping bag: premature, 0/3 months, 3/6 months, 6/12 months, 12/24 months and 24/36 months. These different sizes have varying lengths. And some brands even opt for evolutionary sleeping bags. If it is better to avoid them for birth and to favour a well-fitting sleeping bag, these are, on the other hand, excellent choices for the future. They are more economical since they accompany your baby longer.

At Premiers Moments, we offer two sizes of sleeping bags. The first is dedicated to birth with a size 0/3 months. The second is scalable and keeps longer with its 3/6 month size.

What thickness of sleeping bag should you choose?

To properly select the sleeping bag for your little one, you must consider the temperature of the room in which he is. If his bedroom should ideally be around 18°, the thickness of his sleeping bag will necessarily change according to the seasons. But how do you know if a sleeping bag is really warm? Looking at the product description or the label, you will see a TOG, a heat index. This allows you to know the sleeping bag’s thermal resistance. The lower this index, the lighter the sleeping bag, the higher it is, and the warmer.


Be sure to adapt the TOG according to the temperature of the room where your baby is and not according to that outside:

  • TOG 0.5: 0.5 tog sleeping bag usable in summer rooms with temperatures exceeding 24 degrees. It is the lightest model.
  • TOG 1.0: barely warmer. You can use it in rooms where the temperature is between 22 and 24 degrees. This is the perfect sleeping bag for hot summer days.
  • TOG 1.5: warmer and lightly padded. You can use it in rooms where the temperature is between 20 and 22 degrees. This is the ideal mid-season sleeping bag.
  • TOG 2.5: 2.5 tog sleeping bag usually in velvet and well padded, it is suitable for rooms with temperatures between 15 and 21 degrees. This is the ideal sleeping bag for winter.
  • TOG 3.0: it’s the warmest sleeping bag. It is usually long-sleeved and can be used in winter in rooms where the temperature does not exceed 18 degrees.

At Premiers Moments, we offer three types of sleeping bags. These adapt to each of the seas.

Which subjects to choose?

As with all clothing that comes into direct contact with the baby’s skin, we advise you to opt for the most natural materials possible. If possible, avoid synthetic materials. Also, ensure that your sleeping bag has not come across a whole host of potentially harmful chemicals during its production. For that, nothing could be simpler. Make sure that your sleeping bag is certified by Oeko-Tex. This increasingly widespread label guarantees the absence of potentially dangerous chemicals for babies. The ideal would even be to opt for organic products. The GOTS label notably guarantees the organic origin of the raw materials used.

At Premiers Moments, all the fabrics of our sleeping bags are exclusively made of organic cotton. You are sure not to make a mistake!

What should babies wear under their sleeping bags?

That’s it, and you now know how to adapt your baby’s a sleeping bag to the right season and temperature! But you’re probably still wondering how to dress your baby under this one. During the summer, you can put a short-sleeved bodysuit on it. In spring or autumn, dress it in a long-sleeved bodysuit and add pyjamas or not, depending on the temperature of the moment. Finally, a baby will generally need to wear a bodysuit accompanied by warm pyjamas to stay warm in winter.

Here, the sleeping bag has no more secrets for you! From now on, you will know which sleeping bag to choose for your little one. He’s going to love it!

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