How to choose movers?

Movers in Vancouver BC

 How to choose movers?

How to choose a moving company in Vancouver BC . Vancouver has a wide variety of moving companies. Among them are companies that deal with local moving (ie, the city). As well as movers who are engaged only long distance (moving between the provinces and the country as a whole).

We’re talking about ground carriers. A lot of old and new companies, each with its own history and way of doing things. I would like to point out right away that the moving business is very competitive. And if a company has survived after a year, it’s already an achievement. We will talk about the choice of the company and I will share with you the secrets of choosing

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the right movers and advise where you should look to determine your choice. Will it be a small company or a huge company, the old-timer in the transportation market.

My experience and personal opinion is to look at a family  company that will pay more attention to your belongings.  And generally the relationship of the family business and large corporations are very different, more try to meet customer needs. And if you have moved before, I think you have experience and you have felt it in your own skin.

A small moving company, a family business may be more expensive because they will be providing service individually. You will be an exclusive client for them and in order to get good service, you need more time to devote to the process of moving.

Time is needed for quality packaging of your belongings, for quality loading and unloading. And this will be the owners of the company or a couple of workers with them. Because when you start just a moving business, in most cases, the owners are working themselves.  To start this company requires more than one year of experience in the industry. More experience less mistakes, less mistakes – less damage. The same question is the best attitude towards you as a customer. Why? Because the business owner will try to get good reviews, which will attract new customers, create a good impression, that is you will be served at the highest level.

In a large company, employees coming to work can be in different states.  Someone had an accident this morning, someone’s car just broke down.  Someone has problems at home and someone needs to finish quickly and go home. And from personal experience, many movers do not care whether your things came to safety or not, they need to finish the job, take their money and go home. If you’re at work and in a bad mood, it’s some kind of karma – your furniture, your boxes themselves slip out of their hands and tend to break or catch some corner or wall in the house. With a small company you have a good chance that the owner of the company will treat your things as his personal.

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I worked in a moving company for about six years before I started my business and in reality have seen all kinds of relationships . I’ve seen the good and the bad. Different clients: the good and the bad, customers who want to pay for good service and who do not want to pay for no service at all.

Therefore Moving companies take a prepayment and in the case of local  moves. They are asking to pay the cost of services before the final unloading of your things . In the case of long distance, where the amount of money is much bigger, they are asked to make an advance payment before the unloading . And by law they have every right not to unload your things until they receive payment. Let’s go back to the difference between large and small companies.

The first difference, as you have already realized, is the quality of the work being done. The second is the time service because small companies are less busy and can plan their day more carefully.   Large companies because of the large workload can be late to you or not come at all, as there is a certain resource for handling customers. The resource is human and time and it is impossible to predict how this or that move will develop. 

And even professional movers can only assume and give an approximate turnaround time based on experience, not to mention the managers of the company.  Various factors such as broken elevator, traffic, lack of parking during loading or unloading significantly increases moving time. In my experience the manager of a large company trying to book as possible more work in one day it’s based on the average performance of the move. It is understandable that a large company has a large number of clients. Because they have long existed in the market, but no one has learned to stretch time .

Third difference – small family businesses are trying to hire proven people, in most cases, people close to the family: friends, children of friends, acquaintances. At the same time, the big mover companies are taking all indiscriminately on small wages, and so the contingent there is very different, no one checks your history, whether the employees were convicted, whether you were in prison, whether you use drugs, whether you drink alcohol. And have you seen through such moves?

That’s why most people have the opinion that movers are alcoholics, drug addicts and illiterate people.

In order to choose a mover company you also need to pay attention to the reviews left by previous clients, especially since in most cases bad reviews are written by clients more than good ones. When people are not satisfied with something, they put it all out in public.

A person who is happy with the service from my experience, even at the request of one in 10 leaves good reviews. So when you look at the review and see that 10 reviews positive one negative ? Do not look at bad reviews! Because if the company worked badly customers would not hesitate to leave bad reviews. And so what little, there is a high percentage that you will choose a good company for your move.

As for pricing policy we all know that Vancouver British Columbia is not a cheap place . Vancouver is considered one of the most expensive cities in the world to live. Some of the new carriers are dumping their prices. What does that entail?  It entails an old car, low-paid helper with no experience and as a result a dissatisfied client, broken or scratched items or just a missing item. 

When we started our business, we were in the market for more than the average price. Minimal price was $ 90 an hour, we entered the market at a price of $ 140 an hour .The big companies have a price of $ 200 for the same service. But as you have understood and I have already said above and it’s simple. The quality and price does not match because of the personal attitude of workers. At which of the carriers still leave your choice? Ask your friends, relatives.

Find out who they moved with, who was their last carrier were they satisfied with service. Can they recommend their second carrier.  Look at carriers who move your neighbours, the third look on Google, read reviews. And make your choice as I briefly explained how to do it as a person who has worked in this industry for many years. If you don’t know how to choose, you can contact us or call us.  We are an I & T Excellent Movers company. We do local, provincial and international moves and you can be sure that we will give you the best service possible.

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