How to Batch Convert Outlook MSG to PDF without Outlook?


MS Outlook users often have problems accessing MSG files on their PC or laptop. MSG files are created by MS Outlook, but the information in MSG can only be opened in Outlook. This becomes a daunting task if you want to store and access MSG files on your local machine.

Therefore, it is recommended to move all emails from MSG files to PDFs to get all the information. We have described some easy ways to batch convert MSG to PDF with attachments. PDF is one of the most accessible file formats that can be opened in any browser or computer system. Let’s move on to the methods to batch convert MSG to PDF.

“Recently I came across some msg files. I know that these files can be opened and read in MS Outlook. However, Outlook is not installed on my system. So, I want to convert the MSG file to PDF and print it. So I will be able to read these MSG files without Outlook, but I don’t know how to convert MSG to PDF. Can anyone suggest an easy way to batch print MSG files in PDF format?”

Like these users, many other Outlook users ask how to print Outlook emails with attachments. Surprisingly, this conversion method is not well known. Few people know the technique of batch printing .msg files with attachments. This article tries to inform those users in need who are looking for a way to print Outlook messages to PDF. Before we learn the importance of batch printing MSG to PDF.

Save Outlook Messages to PDF Using Print Method

This method allows users to print Outlook messages directly from MSG to PDF format. There are steps in Microsoft Outlook that must be done in sequence.

  1. Select your Outlook MSG file and press Ctrl + P to open the Print dialog window.
  2. After that, click Adobe PDF as Printer >> Print >> Print Options >> Print Attachments >> Print to get all the attachments in different PDFs.
  3. Then click on Adobe PDF as printer >> Print. Go to print options and print attachments.
  4. Finally, click Print to get all attachments in a separate PDF.

As you have seen, the above method works well for those who only have a few MSG files to convert. But for batch MSG to PDF conversion, the above method is not suitable. Therefore, you need an automatic batch conversion from MSG to PDF with istanbul escort

Automated Solution to Convert Batch MSG Files to PDF

There is a professional solution, Free MSG to PDF Converter, which allows you to convert MSG files to PDF in a very safe and efficient way, and you can batch convert Outlook MSG to PDF with all attachments intact. Batch conversion from MSG with attachments to PDF just got easier. No data will be lost when you use the conversion with this utility. The software creates multiple PDFs for MSG email attachments. The interface of this tool is so simple that even non-technical people can easily use the tool.


People often need to export Outlook emails in PDF format for backup and other reasons. To help those stuck in this situation, this article discusses how to batch convert MSG to PDF. As there are four methods to print Outlook emails with attachments, users can choose any method according to their needs. Since the alternative method replaces all other methods, professional experts recommend using the above software for this purpose.

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