How Technology is Changing the Cricket sports

Technology is a crucial component in the growth of many industries. But, most people aren’t aware of the importance technology plays in improving the general customer experience and overall satisfaction.

In the world of sports, lots of people are unaware of the ways technology has improved players’ experience as well as information gathering.

Cricket isn’t the only sport that doesn’t use the latest technology. Technological innovations have brought about positive changes to the sport. 

The changes have made it easier for players to remain active and entertained during games. CricHeroes also made it simpler for players, coaches, commentators, and everyone else who is involved in sports activities.

The fans can watch cricket matches live from any place in the world. You can also access IPL 2021 and the CPL’s chances across a range of betting sites. 

Technology has made cricket and sports especially much more accessible to everyone.

Changes in Cricket Tech Over the Years

The technology utilized in cricket matches today is completely different from the technology of the previous years. 

The tech companies in the past were mostly concerned with improving the transmission of sports games. They were looking for ways to get the game to a wider audience and across different countries.

From radio broadcasting to broadcasting TV These were the most advanced technological advancements that were employed in cricket. 

These days there aren’t problems that need to be resolved. The internet has been the main option for those who love sports to stream their games without interruption and technology companies are working to enhance the experience offered by broadcasting.

Alongside broadcasting the game, tech companies are looking for ways to make games more reliable. Cricket matches utilize technology that aids in ensuring fairness in games, for instance, those played by DRS or the Decision Review System or the DRS.

The purpose of DRS DRS is to ensure that umpires haven’t made the wrong choice. When a group feels that the decision of an umpire was not correct, they will want to challenge the decision, they can do so by submitting it to the third umpire. 

The third umpire will utilize techniques such as the DRS to determine the problem. The various views of the cameras are examined and a final decision will be taken on the matter.


Another method used during cricket matches is called the Snick-o-meter. It displays whether the ball has hit the bat with audio waves. It is also useful for umpires to determine if a batsman can catch balls.

Sound waves created from the collision are examined by a highly sensitive microphone and then recorded using the oscilloscope. 

It is combined with a camera that records the movement that the ball is striking. With the oscilloscope, the video of the ball hitting the bat can be analyzed for any sounds.

Hotspot Technique

A hotspot is a technique that is also seen in the game of cricket today. It is an approach to trackballs using infrared cameras that detect thermal signatures of the ball only to become visible upon hitting. 

This allows you to know whether a batsman has to be taken off playing. It also assists in determining if the ball hit an item or player, or on the floor.

This is the Hawk Eye is another well-known technology that is utilized in this sport. It’s also thought to be among the most important technological advances that is used in modern-day cricket. 

It is able to determine whether a player is able to get the designation of LBW or otherwise. It aids the umpires in providing an estimate of whether or not the ball will hit the stumps.

This is surely one of the more complex techniques used in cricket since The Hawk Eye is composed of several processing methods. 

Three-dimensional modelling techniques are also utilized and , to guarantee accuracy, it utilizes the laws of physical physics. All of this is achieved with least four cameras operating at high speeds spread over the entire field.

What’s next for the newest technological advancements and trends

Although cricket is said to be performing well due to the different technologies used by leagues We can be certain it will take further adjustments to come in the future matches. 

Consider for example, how you can anticipate that the Caribbean Premier League will make use of the Smart Ball in its upcoming season.

It’s the first time that professional cricket teams use this type of equipment, dubbed”The Kookaburra Intelligent ball. 

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The players will not notice any difference using the ball during games since it’s just the same as a normal ball. It does however have an electronic chip that gives important information to commentators , and even players.

As per Kookaburra who has a collaboration in partnership with Sportcor it will transmit information to commentators live, including the spin and the amount of spend of a ball when it is released as well as the time it bounces until it’s in a position to hit an batting player. Fans will be able to view the ball’s image on Live stream.

Many are excited to find out how this could affect the cricket world. This is just one of the numerous new technology that teams can adapt in. There’s a many more things to look forward to especially for an passionate lover of cricket.



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