How Saudi Arabia utilize technology in Modern Education System

Why technology is important?

We hear the word ‘technology’ all the time. Every industry, from medicine to business to engineering to education, strives for technical improvement. Even if it was formerly a monopoly corporation, any company that is unaware of technological changes and prefers to use solely traditional operational procedures would fall behind in the long term. As a result, it’s become critical for organizations to adapt to a quickly changing world and change their operational standards in order to increase earnings and growth.

What role does digital media play in everyday life?

When we consider the world a few decades ago when individuals were unfamiliar with technology or digital media, most of their labour was done manually, taking days, weeks, and even months to finish a task that, once automated, changed into a task of few hours.

That was the beginning of computerization, which made people’s lives easier all across the world. Today, the internet provides access to a wealth of knowledge that is available to everybody, regardless of their geographic location.

Education and Digital Media

Before the introduction of digital media or technology, students, particularly those pursuing higher degrees like master’s and PhD, had very limited resources and access to materials for their assignments and projects. They were forced to rely on actual books from libraries, which were in short supply due to the huge demand for books. Not only the pupils, but also the professors, faced difficulties because instruction had to be physical, and the professors had to be practically present in class at all times. Students were also fairly attentive in class, as most of them relied heavily on teachers for academic assignment help. Apart from relying on teachers in the early 90s, before the development of the internet and cellphones While there were fewer distractions in class, there were also fewer resources. To summarize, prior to the development of digital media, a number of obstacles hampered research and general learning.

What role does digital media play in education?

Technology and digital media are not only prevalent in the commercial world, but they are also prevalent in education. No one can deny that technology has become the most vital aspect of our life, and it is nearly difficult to live without it these days. It has been integrated into the majority of our daily operations, including classrooms, to help children learn more effectively. It doesn’t matter if it’s only a desktop computer or technology in the shape of computerized tabs for the pupils’ convenience.

Not only that, but digital media has advanced to the point where students now can benefit from it in a variety of ways, including

Education in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia falls under the list of countries with the biggest and strongest economies in the world. We all know that the kingdom is well known for its oil reserves. It is stated that in the 1930s, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with its vast oil riches, aided the gulf countries, which had previously been isolated and deserted. Furthermore, Saudi Arabia has roughly 18% of the world’s petroleum reserves and is the world’s top petroleum exporter. Despite being the world’s largest oil center and one of the world’s wealthiest countries, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia faces challenges in terms of economic sustainability and educational growth and people rarely pick Saudi Arabian universities for their post-secondary education. To address the crisis and provide a constructive learning environment for Saudi citizens, the government has taken a number of important steps, including.

  • Establishing a rationalized educational system that emphasizes critical thinking
  • Providing teachers with training in accordance with current developments in instructional institutions across the globe.
  • Building new schools with better and more modern facilities.
  • The former rigorous and dictatorial school systems has to eliminated.

Utilization of technology in Saudi Arabia supporting Higher Education

To avoid the country’s educational decline, Saudi Arabia began focusing on upgrading university education within the country in the early 1970s, which was a period of rapid progress for the country.

As a result, in 1975, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia established an autonomous authority agency devoted solely to Higher Education. The department’s mission was to ensure that the country’s schooling institution produced highly trained. Educated individuals who could manage the country’s growing economy. The administration has one specific plan, which is to construct new universities and organizations in the nation that could promote higher education and modernize those that already exist.

Finally, after decades of struggle, there are 25 significant public universities offering Masters’s training programmes in almost every faculty. A huge percentage of academic institutions providing skills and vocational training in various fields. And a rapidly growing number of private colleges. Thus, in contemporary and modern Saudi Arabia. It is relatively easy to find a university offering a higher education degree associated with the advanced technology which is prevalent around the globe. Whether an MBA or a master’s degree in any discipline, Saudi Arabia now has recognized universities with good student training.

The Government’s Willingness to Use Educational Technology

The formation of the General Administration for Educational Technology within the new Educational Development Department in 1985. Marked a significant shift in the Saudi educational system. A design unit and a manufacturing unit make up the new Educational Technology administration.

Their administration’s responsibilities included:

  • In-service training for Educational Technology leaders.
  • Development of instructional materials for a variety of educational programs.
  • Providing science and mathematics laboratories with instructional films, equipment, and resources
  • Providing personal computers, as well as computer hardware and software, to schools.
  • Creating a copying and recording equipment for educational multimedia tapes i.e., audio and video


To put it succinctly. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can be an excellent spot to begin a program of higher studies. Students can find high-paying jobs right after graduation in respected organisations that are well-known and recognised across the world. Thanks to its recently opened colleges that have all of the necessary amenities and a wide foreign experience. As a result, Saudi Arabia has become a popular higher education destination.



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