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How can you check plagiarism free of cost before submitting the research paper.

How can you check plagiarism free of cost before submitting the research paper.

While the popularization of the Internet has put at our disposal a world of possibilities and resources and has facilitated access to thousands of knowledges; The truth is that it has also led to a kind of “chaos” of online content. A context in which we can find from articles of dubious reliability to others that have even been plagiarized.

And it is precisely the latter that we referred to today because, is it possible to have been plagiarized without knowing it? Have they copied that old work from the university in which you worked so much and posted it on the network? Do your phrases circulate freely on behalf of another person? Or have your students tried to gamble with you? Well, these tools will help you detect it.

Plagiarism Checker: 

Grammica Plagiarism Checker is an all-inclusive website tool that anybody and everyone can utilize. In addition to being simple to use, this plagiarism detector tool offers free usage of its services. This plagiarism finder has a lot of functions, but before we discuss them, we want you to understand how it operates. 

How can I use an online plagiarism scanner? 

  • Opening Grammica Plagiarism checker on your browser is the first step. 
  • The second step is to just add the files or input text that you want to view to the tool. 
  • You only need to click the “Check Plagiarism” button after inputting the information. 
  • Within a matter of seconds, you’ll receive widespread plagiarism reports. 


Plagium acts similarly to the previous one; That is, it also has a box in which we can directly paste the original text (or write it). Of course, with a limit of 5,000 characters. It lets us find matches through the web in general or in news and includes advanced options when it comes to showing the result, such as doing it in the form of a summary, with the document found directly, depending on the percentage of similarity, and so on.

Some features that it offers us for free, like the one that precedes it in this list. However, it also has three Premium alternatives: quick search, deep search and file comparison. All are charged per number of pages and their price ranges between 0.5 and 4 cents for each of them.

At the top of the page, on the other hand, we also find the possibility of comparing between two texts, a more specific option that has its own tab and that is also useful on certain occasions. It works exactly the same: paste the text into each box and click “compare”. Of course, it lacks advanced features. The site has its own informative blog.


As for Copyscape, instead of the box to copy text that we have commented on in some of the services that head our selection, it directly shows us one in which we must include the address of our website where the content that we believe may have plagiarized us is located. Thereafter the tool carries out its search.

Free features that we can expand from the hand of the Premium version of the application, which has an alert and notification service, as well as other options that cost 5 cents per page. Another possibility is to check our entire website, filter results, and so on.

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