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Home Remedies for Removing Ear Wax vs. Professional Cleaning

Earwax buildup is a common occurrence that does not threaten life. But it can cause some rigid problems like hearing loss, earache, and infection. Ear wax formation is a natural occurrence done by the ear itself. It keeps the ears clean and prevents debris from entering the ear canal. However, if the buildup exceeds, it calls for ear wax removal. Earwax protects the internal structure of the ear, such as the eardrum. But when the wax does not naturally come out from the ear, it causes a buildup. Well, it can be removed at home, or you may need professional assistance in case of stiffness of the ears. Let’s discover home remedies and medical treatments to remove ear wax below.

How to Remove Earwax at Home?

The foremost thing which must be remembered is that you should not use a cotton swab. A swab would push the wax deeper into your ear. It could augment the risk of damaging your eardrum, resulting in temporary or permanent hearing loss. You can even scratch your ear canal with the swab, which could make it swollen. So, it is always helpful to opt for alternatives that are not damaging. For example, you can use:

OTC Ear Drops

Ear drops contain hydrogen peroxide, which can loosen up the hard wax. So, when you put a drop or two into your ear, it works to make the wax soft. Thus, it will easily come out from the ear and delivers proper cleaning.

Mineral Oil

It is also a good substance that can loosen up the ear wax faster. So, you can effortlessly get freed of it.

You should leave the task of ear wax removal to a medical expert in case you are suffering from:

  • Extreme ear ache
  • Ear draining 
  • Coughing and draining
  • Consistent loss of hearing
  • Fatigue
  • And bad odor from the ear

Ear blockage is an underlying medical condition that can cause permanent hearing loss and damage the eardrum. So, it is better to visit your nearest healthcare clinic. Excess buildup of the ear must not be ignored for a prolonged time as it can cause infection. In such instances, medical assistance can prove beneficial for you to remove ear wax properly. See how you can get treatment for ear wax cleansing from a doctor.

Manual cleaning

The physician can follow a manual technique to remove the clogged ear wax. The expert can use long and curved medical equipment to remove the wax. The tool is a cure that must be used carefully to safely remove ear wax. You should visit the physician once every 6 months if the wax is building continuously in your ear.

Ear Irrigation

This seems a simple task for removing ear wax but requires medical intervention. It is a procedure that uses a syringe to rinse water into the ear. The warm water then makes the ear buildup soften and remove it completely. A hand-held nozzle will pump the water at a steady rate. However, it is complicated to perform this task at home. Hence, you would not know the appropriate amount of water to be used. The medical expert can use the right amount of water to remove the wax.

Micro suction

The doctor may also prefer to use the micro-suction technique to remove wax from the ear. It can even remove the wax without making it soft. So, no ear softening drops will be preferred before this procedure.

To Sum up

The buildup of ear wax is inevitable even if you regularly clean your ears. So, you should follow home remedies if the wax is not causing trouble for you. But if it is causing pain and infection, you need professional help for ear wax removal. You should not delay de-clogging of the ears since it can cause severe infections. You can also prevent permanent hearing loss with expert ear wax elimination.

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