Here’s How You Create a Logo in 6 Simple Steps in 2022

Importance of Logo Explained

We all know how fast new businesses are developing, be it online businesses, home start-ups, or physical companies. There are lots of them being born daily. As a result, running a successful business has become more difficult than before. At the same time, it is also very easy for us to build a successful business if we use the right tools. Since businesses have been online a long time ago, it is essential for us to build their virtual presences. One essential thing that requires you for your virtual business presence is a website. You have to build a brand, and if not, then you at least need an identity for your business. For that purpose, it’s essential to have something representing your brand. It is your logo.

What will you learn from this article?

By now, you understand the importance of a logo. If you need a good logo for your business, you can reach out to any good logo design services. However, this article will tell you how to create a logo in six easy steps.

Step 1: Identify your Business and its target Audience

Good logos are designed perfectly for their target audience. Even if the stuff in the logo doesn’t represent directly what your business is about, you need to make it for your consumers. Think of McDonald’s logo. Does it have any indication of its logo about potato chips or burgers? No. It’s just a golden M letter with a red color in its background that reminds you of burgers and fries every time you see it. It’s because the consumers have in their mind the image of McDonald’s fed that it is about high-quality burgers and chips.

Similarly, you need a logo design that your consumers don’t find irrelevant to your business. First, know about your target audience–their likes and dislikes and what they want. After you’ve done that, figure out what you want to provide and how to represent it to them, so they are attracted to it.

Step 2: Use your Creativity and Draw Some Sketches on a Paper

Once you finish researching your future consumers, it’s time to brainstorm logo designs. Take a pencil and draw multiple rough sketches of your logo. Look at as many logos so that you get some inspiration and ideas. However, never emulate some business’ logo as it can tarnish your brand’s image. Therefore, take time and try your best to come up with unique logo design concepts.

Things to avoid when sketching a logo design

  • Don’t make your logo complicated. It should be easy to understand. However, if you want to complicate it, you do it correctly. Look at Unilever’s logo. It has a lot of icons inside it, but still, it looks super good and is not difficult to understand at all.
  • Make sure it looks good when you sketch it. Don’t rely on the colors. According to an expert designer, your logo should look good in black and white. If it doesn’t, then your logo isn’t good enough. Just see the black and white version of some popular logos, and you’ll see they all look dope.

Step 3: Decide the Color Theme of Your Business

Design a couple of logos and then pick a color theme. Remember that your color theme will be counted in your brand identity. Therefore, choose it wisely. Imagine McDonald’s logo consisting of pink and blue instead of golden and red. Will it look good? Probably not even close to as it looks originally. Moreover, the pink and blue don’t even represent the business theme of selling burgers and fries. Golden and red do since ketchup has a red color and chips are golden or yellow.

Therefore, think of the colors that will perfectly resonate with your business and try them. Use several combinations and decide on the one that looks the most relevant.

Step 4: Use Online Logo Maker to Create the Logo

Now that you have picked up a color theme, and a design is ready, it’s time to build the logo. The good news is that you don’t need professional designing knowledge and skills to form a logo on a professional software like Adobe Illustrator. You can do it on online applications like Canva. However, there are some drawbacks to using an online logo builder, which we will discuss later in this post. But for now, let’s talk about how we can create a logo using Canva.

Creating a Logo with Canva

When you sign up to Canva, you will see on its main page several categories that include video, presentation, social media post, certificate, logo, brochure, newsletter, and much more.

Click on the logo, and it will take you to a page with several logo templates. You can search for a keyword to bring up a certain logo template. Then you click on it and customize it by editing its symbols, elements, colors, fonts, and anything you like.

As you already have sketched the logo, search for a relatable logo or find in the designs a template that can be edited according to the sketch you made. Since Canva is a drag-and-drop logo maker, you can design the logo without professional designing skills and knowledge. Just assemble the shapes and designs and try your best to make it a good logo.

Step 5: Review it, Take Suggestions, and Edit the Logo

Before you finally decide on the design, it will be helpful if you take reviews of your logo. Send it to people and ask how it is. Take the right suggestions and edit them accordingly. Once you’re satisfied with your logo and it looks and feels great, you need to ready your logo file. You can download it easily through Canva, but there’s one thing that we suggest you do. Let’s talk about it below.

Step 6: Get the Transparent Logo File

Logos are not in image formats such as jpg or png. Logos come in vector files that don’t make their pixels scattered, no matter how much you enlarge. But you don’t get a vector file for free. Online logo makers let you design logos and download them in image format. To use it as a professional logo, you need to buy Canva’s membership or any other online tool’s premium plan so that you can get a transparent logo file.

The good thing about these logo makers is they are not expensive. Canva Pro costs you $6.49 per month.

Final Words

So, this way, you got a logo for $7 and some time and effort. The drawback of using online logo makers is that they lack creative designs. Unless a professional designer tries making a logo on Canva, it doesn’t turn out to be a creative logo in most cases. But this tool lets you create as many logos as you want for free.

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