Hardest Overwatch Characters of all Time—GamersGift

Hardest Overwatch Characters of all Time—GamersGift

Battlenet balance card – Overwatch has 35 playable characters in its hero, tank, and support character lists, and all of them have totally different skills, movements, and weapons that define their own quirky elements.

As a new Overwatch player, you need to know which character suits your personality and play style and which is easiest or hardest to handle. So, today’s topic is a warning sign for you to not choose these toughest characters to handle in Overwatch.

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The Characters to Play in Overwatch

Here is the list of the nine most-voted hard characters in Overwatch:


A versatile and powerful support hero, Ana, is popular and loved by many Overwatch players. She is a great defender and valuable to the people around her that she cares about. She uses her biotic rifle and grenades to heal or damage any element.

Although she has many abilities that can be used effectively to win the combat, some players despise her for how hard and time-consuming it can be to master her moves and skills. So, she is a big NO for new players trying to understand Overwatch in general.


Genji is a cyborg ninja with an augmented body. He has abilities such as Shuriken (throw three projectiles), Cyber-Agility (climb or jump), Swift Strike, the Dragon Blade attack, and Deflect (block melee attacks).

With all these movements and versatile attack styles, this hero is tagged as the toughest to play, even by experienced players. He is good for mid-range attacks, which are neither close nor too far, which makes it hard to fight against a group alone. Get the Battlenet balance card from genuine online sites.


Hanzo is a skilled archer and warrior. His skills that include Storm Bow (attack with arrow), Sonic Arrow (reveals enemies behind an object like a wall or gate), Storm Arrows (5 consecutive arrow attacks).

Dragon Strike (an arrow that destroys enemies with a dragon), Lunge, Wall Climb, etc. support his character, but they are slow, which makes it hard to understand and plan in the combat for the new bahçeşehir escort player.


Pharah is a strong soldier that anyone would think of first before combating. With her high-explosive rocket armour, hover and jump jets, concussive blast, and barrage of rockets, it’s definitely hard to fight against her. She can float and destroy enemies in the most unpredictable way.

Although her moves are easy to understand, it’s still hard to play her in practise with all those floating and jumping moves because if by mistake you float above your enemy, you’ll need to dissect somewhere near or above them in the next few seconds, which is risky.


Echo is a robot, programmed to showcase her talents in combat. She is a recently added playable hero in Overwatch 2. The reason she is the hardest hero to master is because of her abilities, such as her Tri-Shot, Focusing Beam, and Stick Bomb attacks, and her abilities to duplicate her enemies to attack them, along with her gliding and flight skills.

All these moves need to have perfect timing, as with any other hero, but she can sometimes become an easier target due to her skills. For example, if she becomes a duplicate of her enemy, her enemy will know all her abilities, but she may not, resulting in her early death. Get the Battlenet balance card from genuine dealers.


Sombra’s biggest characteristics include her hacking skills. She can kill or attack her enemies with the information. She has other abilities such as Machine Pistol (for short-range attacks), Hack (to hold the enemy from using their abilities and see them behind any object).

Stealth (to become invisible), Translocator (to teleport anywhere the thrown beacon reaches), EMP (to hack and destroy nearby enemies), and Opportunist (to find and incur 40% more damage to an already damaged enemy).

All these skills might look easy to learn and intimidating at first, but mastering them is not for new players. If you want to give her a try. And then be ready to lose the game or die early until you fully understand her.


Tracer is an agent and time-traveling adventurer. Her abilities to Blink and teleport, Recall (travel back in time). And use weapons like Pulse Pistols and Pulse Bombs are something that any player would want to try at least once.

However, due to her Recall and teleport abilities, players might confuse where they’ve landed. And they won’t even know how many enemies might be waiting for them there. Visit 360postings.com for more interesting blogs like this.

This situation can put them in trouble. Also, she can only damage an enemy that is close to her. And trying to combat against a group will not be a good idea when you are leading Tracer.


Zenyetta is an omnic (artificially intelligent robot) monk who helps innocent people in need and just wanders around in search for peace. Its abilities can be used either for close or a slightly farther-ranged attacks.

For example, its Orb of Destruction can cause damage to enemies with energy; its Orb of Discord can be used in group attacks where it can increase the damage that enemies are going to take from your teammate’s attack.

And its Orb of Harmony can heal anyone. In addition, its Transcendence and Snap Kick abilities are also good for quick close-range attacks. Get the Battlenet balance card from genuine sites.

As a new or even experienced player, if you try to play Zenyetta for a solo game. And you’ll lose because its most abilities are made for group combats, which makes it a great team support instead of a main hero.

Characters that You Must Avoid in LoL gift cards


Kalista is the retribution spirit. She is regarded as one of the most difficult champions to master due to her kiting abilities. And plethora of moves.

If the player does not understand the mechanisms of kiting, they will be unable to operate Kalista, resulting in an early death, especially if playing alone.


Way of the Wanderer, Steel Tempest, Wind Wall, Sweeping Blade. And Last Breath are all abilities of Yasuo Yasuo, a swordsman. Purchase lol gift cards from reputable sellers.

You must be precise in your timing and swift with your moves when playing Yasuo. Other champions with nukes or range can easily kill or harm him.

His manoeuvres are challenging, and you must have a flawless plan of moves. And timing with Yasuo before beginning any conflict or travelling to any location.


Katarina is one of the most difficult champions to play, with abilities like as Voracity, Bouncing Blades, Preparation, Shunpo, and Death Lotus.

Her daggers are what make her a deadly choice for rookie players. Which she tosses and must retrieve each time she gets into a battle. This method has the potential to cost the player their life in the game. Or they must live with the disappointment of losing

Summing Up

Although all champions and heroes need a proper understanding of their skills, the right timing. And many other quick-witted plans at the moment, playing these characters can be more challenging for new players.

The more a hero or character has skills and movements to support. The more difficult it will be to master them; the same goes for the above list of characters.

But you are free to choose any of them if you love challenges.

Also, if you want new skins to change their looks, get a Battlenet gift card for easy shopping on Battle.net.

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