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 What is Gloves

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Gloves are a type of closed protective equipment (PPE). Other types of PPE include gowns, masks, shoes, and headgear. Gloves Company provides you full safety from injury.

Gloves Company creates a barrier between germs and your hands. Wearing gloves in the clinic saves you from spreading germs. you can buy gloves at a wholesale rate from silenesafety.com

Why wear gloves

Wearing gloves allows you to protect every patient and physics teacher from infection.

When to wear gloves

Gloves keep your hands smooth and reduce the risk of infection with disease-causing germs.

Wear gloves whenever you come into contact with blood, body fluids, body tissues, mucous membranes, or broken skin. This form of touch requires gloves to be worn, although the affected person appears to be healthy and does not show any symptoms of illness or disease.

Choose the right gloves

Containers with disposable gloves should be available in every room or place where the casualty is cared for.

Gloves come in a variety of sizes, so make sure you pick the right length for the perfect fit.

If the gloves are too large, it will be much more difficult to maintain the equipment, and it will be easier for germs to get into the gloves.

Gloves that may be too small are more likely to tear.
Some cleaning and maintenance processes require sterile or surgical gloves. Sterile means “free of germs”. These gloves are available in numbered sizes (5.5 to 9). Find out your length in advance.

If you may be handling chemicals, please refer to the Fabric Protection Data Sheet for the type of glove you need.

DO NOT use oil-based hand lotions or creams unless approved for use with latex Gloves Company.

If you are allergic to latex, use latex-free gloves and avoid contact with other products containing latex.

remove gloves

When removing gloves, make sure that the outside of the gloves no longer touches bare hands. Follow these steps:

With your left hand, grasp the wrist on the outside of the real glove.
Pull closer to your fingertips. The glove folds inside out.
Hold an empty glove in your left hand.
Place 2 right hands on the left glove.
Pull closer to your fingertips until you pull out the inside of the glove and hold your hand firmly. The right glove could now be in the left glove.
Discard gloves in an approved waste container.
Always use new Gloves Company for each casualty. Wash your hands under those affected to stay away from germs. purchase gloves in bulk from silenesafety.com

Alternative names

Infection management – wearing gloves; Patient protection – wear gloves; Personal protective equipment – wear gloves; PPE – wear gloves; Nosocomial infection – wear gloves; The hospital got an infection – wearing gloves


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Review date 01/12/2020

Updated: David S. Dugdale, III, MD, Professor of Medicine, Department of General Medicine, School of Medicine, University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle, Washington. Also David Ziv, MD, MHA, Medical Director, Brenda Conaway, Editor-in-Chief, and A.D.A.M. Editorial staff. Editorial replacement 06/05/2020.

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