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Get India VPS Server with SSD High-Performance Via Onlive Server

Onlive Server is one of the best VPS Server providers in India. They have been providing high-performance VPS servers for many years, and they have a large customer base all over the world. Our India VPS Server is powered by SSD drives which are highly efficient and give you a lot of speed. The RAM on these servers is also upgraded to 4 GB, so your websites load faster and run smoother than ever before.

It offers three different types of packages, one with a 1 GB RAM option (30 GB SSD), a second 2 GB RAM Option (60 GB SSD), and a third with a 4 GB RAM option (120 GB SSD). You can choose whichever package suits your needs best depending on the websites you run on. A website with heavy traffic will require more resources than a smaller website, so you must choose the correct package for your needs and budget. It is a good VPS Hosting solution for your website, as it is reliable and easy to use. You can make use of the service for hosting your e-commerce store. There are many advantages of using the India VPS Server: It is very reliable and has high-speed connectivity. Your website will be up all the time because there will be no downtime in between due to any technical issue.

What is the VPS server?

It is a virtual private server that offers the same functionality as a dedicated server but with more control over your site’s resources and security. The main difference between shared hosting and VPS hosting is that in the latter case, you rent one or more virtual servers instead of sharing them with hundreds of other users. Because you don’t share the resources with anyone else, you get more freedom over your website’s performance and security settings.

In addition, VPS servers are much cheaper than dedicated servers because they are hosted on the same physical hardware as shared hosting accounts.

Why should you use it?

  • You get complete control over your server and can easily customize it according to your needs
  • You can install any software on your server without worrying about compatibility issues
  • Your data will be safe as it will store only on your machine. This means no one else can access it or even see what’s going on in there
  • You can get better speed than shared hosting because all resources are available without any speed or bandwidth limit restriction.
  • You can easily manage your server by yourself without having to pay someone else to do so for you, which saves money on hiring an administrator who would do everything for you like installing software, setting up backup etc…

What are the different types of VPS Servers?

There are two main types of VPS servers:

Managed VPS: This type of VPS is managed by an external company, not you. You pay for the service, and they’ll take care of patching your operating system and upgrading it when needed. However, a managed VPS will be much easier to set up than an unmanaged one. This convenience comes at a price.

Unmanaged VPS: An unmanaged VPS requires more work on your end, but it’s cheaper than a managed one. To set up an unmanaged VPS, you have to install an operating system on it yourself. This process varies depending on which OS you choose (Windows or Linux).

The benefits of using the best VPS Server in India

You can get many benefits by using a VPS server in India. Some of these benefits include:

Reliability and stability: The best VPS servers are very reliable and provide high levels of strength. This is because they use high-quality hardware and software to ensure they are fast and functional. This ensures that they do not crash or become slow at any time. They also have an excellent backup system that provides that your data is always safe.

Speed: The best India VPS Server gives you fast access to your website and other applications. This means you can access them quickly and easily, making your life easier when working on the internet, especially if you need to send emails or load pages quickly.

Security: A good server makes it easier for you to keep your site secure from hackers who want access to your information or online gaming accounts. It also makes it harder for others to enter your account without being noticed by you first.

Customization: You can customize the operating system, hardware, and software used on your hosting account depending on your needs.

Windows or Linux operating system – You can choose anyone.

Windows and Linux are the two most popular operating systems used on the internet today. Windows is more popular than Linux because it is easier to use and has a lot of applications created for it. However, both operating systems have their advantages. Here’s a comparison of the two:


Linux is free and open-source software. It is famous for its open-source community, meaning users can modify and redistribute the code as they want without any restrictions. The reason Linux became so popular is its flexibility and security, making it suitable for servers and desktops. The most popular distributions are available, including Debian, Ubuntu Fedora and OpenSUSE distribution.


Windows has been around for a long time and is still one of the most popular servers in use today. But it comes with its share of problems, like high licensing costs that can be difficult to manage financially and security concerns due to its use by many different organizations worldwide. There are many versions of Windows, like Windows 2007/2010,2012,2016,2019.


Onlive Server offers the best performance for businesses, government administrations and other public organizations. Its Cheap VPS is ideal for hosting large databases and serving vast volumes of information to an unlimited number of clients within an enterprise, branch office or other location. Here you are getting the best service, including SSD High-Performance storage, Unlimited bandwidth, Cost-Effective, 24×7 Customer Support and more.


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