Fiverr Gig Ranking 2022 for Beginners

In this blog, I’m going to talk about SEO, the mistakes that beginners usually make, and what is Niche? And why should you choose it, and what can help you to get more clicks. By the way, guys make sure to watch this blog till the end, because in the end, I’m going to reveal the biggest myth about ranking on Fiverr and how to avoid it.

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I’m currently a level 2 seller on Fiverr. On this platform, I completed over 200 orders, and I earned more than $14000. But of course, there are a lot of things that affect your ranking. And of course, the number of reviews, the number of orders, and the seller level that you have played a huge role in this.

But this is for sure, not everything. And in this blog, I would like to share with you super important tips, which can help you a lot. Even if your gig doesn’t have any reviews at all.

Title And Tags Of Your Gig

Let’s start with seeing the title and tags of your gig. Did you know that when you create or edit your gig, you not only have a regular title, but you can also press upgrade SEO under it?

It’s a very important tip, because it will surely help you to make your gig rank on the first page. The character limit for SEO title is just 50 characters. And if your gig title is longer than that, you have to remove some characters from the SEO title. But please make sure that moving the characters from gig title. You should not affect the similarities between SEO title.

Give title, tags and URL, preferably now, when someone will search any of the keyword presented in your title. And the key word is also presented in your SEO and the URL, the chances of getting your gig on the first page will become very high. The second thing you can do to optimize your gig ranking is to pick a very specific Niche start small.

Pick A Very Specific Niche

It’s very important when you are just a beginner. You see, if you choose to rank for a keyword has very high competition. Your chances are very small, because there are so many people who are doing better than you at this stage. But if you choose a low competition keywords, your chance to rank high and get noticed by potential clients increases significantly.

Yes, your opportunities to grow will be much smaller, because not a lot of people search for this keyword, as opposed to a highly competitive one. But if you are just starting, your focus should be on getting this first orders and steady climb stream. After this is achieved, you’ll be ready to rank for a more competitive keywords. Let’s take a look at my example:

I’m a blog editor. And if I wanted to rank for a keyword blog editing, I’ll end up with around 32000 competitors, right? If I’m more specific and choose wedding blog editing, for example, the number of my competitors is reduced by 13000, which makes it more realistic. And if I choose food blog editing, I will only have 2000.

In this case, if you manage to complete all the other stuff that I mentioned in this blog, the chances of getting your gig on the first page will be as high as possible. So now you see how important it is to find your Niche and start small. However, you can benefit even more if you add something special to your offer.

Create Unique Gig

I call it your thing, just something that will make your gig and your offer unique and attractive to potential clients, something that will make you stand out from the crowd. When coming up with this. You just need to think about what people are attractive to. First delivery and discounts are probably the most obvious things. People love it.

I love it. And although I know how it works, I always fall for this special prices. Damn it! those extra packages of vegetables that just end up in my trash. 2 pieces for the price of 1. I hate this offers. You can give your clients a 50% discount on the first or the next order. You can make a 24 hours delivery.

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Side, the gigs price lower than the market price, or maybe a card with stamps who else is obsessed with them? Tell me, I’m not the only one. Okay, 2 more bobas and I get a free 1, 3 more cups of coffee and I get a free 1. And over nine pieces of Pokéballs and I get a free 1. Okay, I was just brainstorming here. You got the message, choose your thing, put it on the thumbnail of your gig big and fancy and you’re good to go.

Write Eye-Catchy Description

Okay, now it’s time to talk about description. How should you approach it to rank your gig higher? Firstly, make sure you make your description as long as possible, but don’t write something just for the sake of line. Make it informative. Make sure that in the description there are as many keywords you are trying to rank for as possible.

The more related keywords are used, the more chances are there for your gig to get ranked. Moreover, you need to try to get full marks in each element. And I mean the title description tags, image, Etc. Because if a top-rated gig has a short description, he might have got full marks in other elements. That’s why it’s ranked.

There is a limit to using one specific word in the description though, for example: in my gig it didn’t allow me to save my description, because I use the word blog too many times. And I was sitting there trying to figure out, how can I replace the word blog if I talk about blogs? So yeah, you would need to spend some time when your description. Go and further, there is one very big mistake that I would like to warn you about.

Don’t Copy Past Anything

This is the worst thing you can do for a gig, and it’s about copy-pasting. Don’t copy past anything. Otherwise forget the ranking. You can make research, take a look at your competitors gigs and get the ideas. But copy paste isn’t about if your English, grammar and writing skills are not perfect, or you simply want to choose something that’s already working people, you can easily copy description titles and tag lines from the top-ranked gigs in your Niche.

A couple of them combine the best parts and then make slight changes. This is not only allowed, but it will also be a very smart thing to do. But don’t ever copy paste anything from other gigs, otherwise you’ll get a strike, and your account could be banned. Nobody wants this, right.

Why Should You Always Be Online

Another crucial but very simple thing is about being online all the time. But why should you really may be noticed that on Fiverr, when looking at the gigs, you can see if the seller is actually online? Now there is this green little circle that appears near the profile picture. Moreover, in the search, you can ask fiber to show you only the sellers who are currently online, and maybe it’s not the most important thing for ranking higher, but it can definitely increase your chances of getting clicks and Impressions, because some clients could search for only the sellers who are online.

I’m plus it’s not that hard to make right. You can figure out the way to stay online 24/7 if you want, but I would recommend to Simply have the app opened on your phone or the window with fiber in your browser, right when you wake up, and don’t forget to constantly update a page throughout the day.

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