Fitness Center Cleaning: Disinfection protocol in gyms

Cleanliness in sports facilities is essential. Since it is a space shared by many users throughout the day, and frequently. As with school gyms, it is a place of transit and children’s play.

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The sports centers and gyms are large places that house many sports machinery and also have several high-risk common areas such as bathrooms. This requires periodic control and daily cleaning of common areas, even if this takes longer than expected.

Professional cleaning companies for gyms and sports centers use innovative cleaning equipment that ensures not only the quality of cleaning and a perfect finish but also the speed of the process.

They have a team of professionals with extensive experience who ensure the use of quality products and systems, always offering the best solution for each space.

The cleaning of sports centers and gyms should be done daily, but it is also recommended to carry out disinfection and deep cleaning periodically. The products used must be chosen to consider the type of surface, in the case of the floor, and the machinery and spaces to be treated.

At SCS Group Cleaning Solution we have developed a program for gyms and sports centers, in which we provide a cleaning and disinfection guide and protocol for them. This document contains guidelines to support the cleaning and disinfection operations necessary to reopen the facilities again after closure. We make sure to provide personal safety guidelines for cleaning crews. As well as environmental hygiene recommendations and products to deal with the cleaning and disinfection protocol in gyms.

The basic personal recommendations to the cleaning team are correct hand hygiene, protection with special and disposable suits, and washing work uniforms at more than 60 degrees to guarantee their thermal disinfection. And finally, consult the safety data sheet of the SCS Group Cleaning Solution products to be used.

Gym standard protocol

The protocol to be followed for the correct cleaning and disinfection of gyms establishes a standard for frequently contacted surfaces, using registered disinfectants that are safe for people and the surfaces themselves. In the event of a positive case in the facilities, first, clean the affected areas and then the rooms that have not been at risk of contagion. The key is to focus cleaning on surfaces with frequent manual contact ( touchpoints ).) such as knobs, handrails, railings, dashboards, screens, toilets, etc.

Consider the cleaning material. As well as the equipment, is reusable, and if it is not, dispose of it properly after use. This is the case with cleaning cloths (if they are not disposable). We must place dirty clothes in washable bags for disinfection in the hygienic washing process approved specifically for Covid-19.

 Products for proper cleaning and disinfection in gyms

Cleaning Foam. A one-step, broad-spectrum disinfectant detergent. It is marketed readily to use with reduced contact times. Its disinfection technology is based on Diversey’s patented AHP (Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide) technology. We can apply a professional Cleaning Agent on hard surfaces and non-porous surfaces and is respectful of commonly existing surfaces. Highlight that:

  •  Pass through testing following Australian standards and is effective against multiple common pathogenic organisms such as bacteria, viruses, and yeasts.
  • Cash in just 30 seconds.
  • Complete virucidal effectiveness according to the EN14476 test against encapsulated viruses. Such as Coronavirus, HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Influenza, and Vaccine virus. Also against non-encapsulated viruses such as Poliovirus Adenovirus and Murine norovirus.
  • A powerful surfactant that provides excellent cleaning results.
  • No rinsing is necessary, ready for faster disinfection
  • Does not have dangerous pictograms
  • Contains no respiratory irritants.
  • The AHP formula respects surfaces, increasing their durability
  • Suitable for medium-high-risk areas of infection

If you want to try the new additions to the Smart clean family, all you have to do is contact your SCS Group Cleaning Solution a Commercial cleaning company in Sydney to carry out the best cleaning and disinfection protocol in gyms. You can also contact our specialized department here.

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