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Find Student Accommodation in Wollongong

Discover the best student accommodation in Wollongong

Wollongong is a city located in the Illawarra region of New South Wales, Australia. The city has a population of approximately 300,000 people. This seaside city is located only 80km away from Sydney.  Wollongong is home to the very famous Australian public research university – the University of Wollongong.   The University of Wollongong was founded in 1951 with an enrollment of more than 31,000 students every year with approx 16% population of international students and the facility of on-campus student accommodation in Wollongong.

The University of Wollongong (UOW) offers undergraduate, master’s, certificate, and Ph.D. courses in various fields such as accounting, IT, Bionanotechnology, Engineering, business, and more with tuition fees ranging between 60,000-150,000 AUD.

Once you decide to study at the University of Wollongong, the next big question is – where and will you live?  

Student accommodation in Wollongong

Wollongong is a wonderful destination for people who want to study at one of the world’s top institutions and live in a stunning seaside metropolis. For most foreign students, the lack of understanding of Australian culture or living arrangements might be stressful, and attempting to find housing may be confusing, time-consuming, and expensive. You can either stay on campus in university housing or off-campus in student accommodation near the University of Wollongong (UOW).

On-Campus Accommodation:  

The University of Wollongong offers a range of on-campus accommodation options for students, including single and shared rooms in residential colleges, townhouses, and apartments. The on-campus accommodation is conveniently located close to the campus, libraries, sporting facilities, and shops. You can choose from a variety of room styles and sizes to suit your needs and budget.  There are 4 locations where you can choose UOW on-campus accommodation- Campus East, Bangalay, Graduate House, and Kooloobong. This on-campus student housing is available for single to 4-bedroom units on a private and sharing basis with and without meals.  These rooms offer shared or private kitchens and bathrooms along with parking facilities.

How to apply for on-campus accommodation?

You must apply at the earliest for on-campus accommodation at the University of Wollongong’s Accommodation Service. In certain cases, scholarships are received by eligible students to cover the accommodation cost.

Off-Campus Accommodation: 

If you choose to live off-campus, there are many student accommodation in Wollongong. You can find a room in a shared house or apartment, or rent a whole property. There are also plenty of furnished and unfurnished properties. However, there are a limited number of rooms available for on-campus housing and with lots of rules, many students may not find it affordable

Off-campus student accommodation includes private rental properties where you can stay by yourself or with roommates. Such housing varies from studios having private kitchens and bathrooms to 1/2/3 bedroom apartments where kitchen and bathroom are on sharing basis. Apart from this, students can choose Homestay where they get to live with a local family and get to know the culture, and even get meals.

Student Accommodation in Wollongong

Whether you want to live in a shared or private apartment depends on your:


-preference to live with or without a roommate

-sharing everything from the kitchen, living area, and bathroom

-privacy concerns

-proximity to the university, market, etc.

How to apply for off-campus accommodation?

To apply for off-campus accommodation, you can search online and offline sources to find your next nest. The offline sources include contacting the University of Wollongong’s Accommodation Service, newspapers, real estate agents, and hostels.  Students need to personally visit various localities to find out the kind of room available and if it meets their criteria. At the same time, it involves hunting from one property to another, finding the guarantor, preparation of the agreement, and other similar time-consuming tasks.

On the other hand, online sources include websites that provide a platform where the off-campus accommodation providers can list their properties and the students can easily contact them without taking the pains of roaming from one locality to another. Such websites even provide images, videos, and virtual tours of rooms to know how the room appears, the facilities offered, the neighborhood and prices universityliving is a similar website that provides accommodations to students. Universityliving is providing huge discounts on student accommodation Melbourne.

Both options have their own advantages and disadvantages that students need to weigh before making a decision. In general, off-campus student accommodation is more affordable than on-campus accommodation. It can be time-consuming and confusing to find the right property. However, once you find a well-furnished off-campus accommodation you can enjoy loads of benefits such as proximity to the university, supermarket, pharmacies, and security. while making you live independently. On-campus student accommodation, on the other hand, is located close to the campus.

Whichever option you choose, it is important to start your search as early as possible to avoid disappointment. There is a range of on-campus and off-campus student accommodation Wollongong, so there is sure to be something to suit everyone. Start your search now and you will be settled in before you know it!

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