Enjoy your Bike Ride by having a Bike Insurance Policy as a Backup

,Even if you think you are an expert two-wheeler rider, you never can tell when an accident will occur, but with two-wheeler insurance third party coverage, you can enjoy your bike ride with the assurance that your insurer has got your back in the event of an accident, damage or theft to your two-wheeler. Having Bike Insurance for your bike protects your legal interests by providing compensation to a third party in the event of damage to their property or self due to an accident caused by your bike.

Indeed, two-wheeler insurance provides you with safety, security, and peace of mind to enjoy your ride without fear. This post highlights why buying a two-wheeler insurance plan is not a luxury but an absolute necessity.

Two-wheeler Insurance is Mandatory by Law

To begin with, the Indian Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 makes it mandatory to have third-party insurance coverage for your bike. No bike riders can ride their two-wheelers on any Indian road without insuring their bikes. Traffic cops have the right to enforce the law and penalize offenders accordingly. 

As stated earlier, purchasing bike insurance will offer you the legal and financial protection need in the event of an accident cause to a third-party cause by and involving your bikeIf you already have insurance or are looking for a renewal, you can look for the Acko bike insurance renewal policy to get great bike insurance plans within affordable premiums.

You would not need to offset the cost damages to third-party property and/or the medical expenses incurred from treatment to third-party due to an incident or accident caused by your bike. Your insurer takes care of all third-party claims, saving you money in both the short and long run.

Benefits of Bike Insurance Coverage

Think of your bike insurance as a sort of backup plan in the unfortunate event of a natural or artificial disaster leading to damage or loss of your two-wheeler. And in fact, this is what a bike insurance cover is. 

Some key benefits of a two-wheeler insurance plan include:

  1. Coverage of Natural Disasters

Your bike insurance plan protects you from damage or loss to your bike caused by natural calamities like earthquakes, landslides, mudslides, cyclones, lightning, flood, fire, etc. That is helpful because natural disasters are an act of God and unforeseen incidents that could occur virtually anytime. 

So by purchasing a bike insurance plan, you will provide yourself with an assurance of compensation when you damage or lose your bike as a result of a natural disaster.

  1. Coverage of Man-made Disaster

India is reputed for having the largest number of two-wheelers in the world. Unfortunately, India also records the highest number of bike-related incidents and accidents globally. Incidents like vandalism and theft of bikes are all too common in India. 

A two-wheeler insurance coverage can protect you from these artificial incidents, provided you are not proving to be negligent in these incidents. The insurance company also covers the cost of repairing damages to your bike resulting from accidents. 

Without an insurance cover for your bike, you would be forced to make out-of-pocket payments to repair or replace parts of your bike, which could be an expensive expense, especially since it was unexpected and not budgeted.

  1. Third-party Liability Coverage

With your third-party insurance cover, your insurer takes care of bodily harm and/or property damage claims made by a third party due to an accident involving your two-wheeler. 

You are legally protected from liability by the coverage. You are safe from spending money on medical expenses, repairing or replacing damaged or lost property belonging to a third party involved in an accident caused by your bike.

  1. Rest of Mind

Two-wheeler Insurance will give you rest of mind. You will be confident that you are covered against third-party liability due to natural and artificial calamities. You can enjoy riding your bike without fear of damage or loss and without worrying about falling foul of the Indian traffic law. As long as you have secured an Acko bike insurance renewal or purchased a mandatory two wheeler insurance third party insurance coverage, you will be able to enjoy riding your bike in peace. 

Bike insurance online provides riders with safety and security. However, it is the responsibility of all bike riders to be sober whilst riding their two-wheelers. You won’t be able to make any claims if your insurer ascertains that you were negligent. 

The use of alcohol and illicit drugs while riding a bike is prohibit. Also, riding a bike without a valid license is frowned upon by law enforcement and your insurer.

In Conclusion

Coverage provides security from third-party liability, natural and artificial disasters while, giving you the peace of mind needed if you are a private or a commercial bike rider.

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