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Eight Ways to Channel a Badass Biker Style

Men Shearling Jackets

You must have agreed that at one point or another in life, you must have aspired to channel the biker style. The edgy and versatile style belongs to a top-notch tier of the fashion world. And the reason behind the tremendous amount of popularity is credited to the celebrities who not only made use of the style but also rendered it the popularity that gave them a permanent place in the mainstream world of fashion. But, oftentimes, when it comes to getting the biker style right, there are many hindrances that you can face as a novice.

The magic of getting any style lies in the nuances. It is all about the little and the big things merged together, which can create a huge difference. Whether you are someone who wants to make a part of your personalized style or want to channel the “don’t-mess-with-me” vibe, every once in a while – either, you deserve a guide that helps you achieve the feat in a no-nonsense and less intimidating way. So, that is what I am here for. If you want a place that would lead you to the biker style without turning things into a hassle – then, without further ado, read this biker-style guide that would give you the ultimate kick-start in jet-rocketing towards your endeavors.

  • Add a Leather Jacket to your Closet

First things first: if you do not want to aim for the technical stuff in the starting itself, then the right thing to do is to go for the core aspects of the style. Yes, because that does not only save from falling into the depths of despair but also leaves you with the sense of a head-start. So the rules are quite simple here. Leather jackets are the centric and most fundamental aspect of the biker style.


They are not only the ultimate iconic pieces but have been directly associated with the badass style. The multi-faceted nature of these pieces makes them truly applaud worthy. From providing safety to you as you ride your bike to being useful during the colder weather. And lastly, of course, accommodating you with the best sort of style can truly be a game changer for you. You name it – and it somehow ends up living up to the useability.

So you must get yourself a leather jacket. There are all sorts of different types. From the ones with additives to shearling motorcycle jackets or the edgy with sleeker and simpler styles with asymmetrical zippers – so there are myriad options, and you can choose the ones that work out for you in all the ways that count. Biker leather jackets were made in early 1928, and they became a sensation in the mid-19th century when they came to the notice of celebrities and became a mainstream sensation as fans started adopting the style.

  • Stash in Some Edgy Bracelets

Accessories do make one of the most powerful styling tools. They can be a total game-changer if you learn to make the sort of use out of them which works for you. Due to the vast availability of things, often times when it comes to picking out the things that have a purpose for you. But, once you learn to navigate them significantly, they start seeming much more purposeful and useful. From bohemian chic to minimalist mesmerizing and from playful to edgy – there are all sorts of things that can be facilitated for you in a highly interesting and useful manner for the sort of style you wish to acquire.

So if you want to further heighten the biker-style energy, stash in some edgy bracelets. Make sure you are not going for any and everything. Do not go for bright and playful colors, as they can turn your style into a childish affair. Something with a subdued yet edgy vibe would work out for you brilliantly. Metallic bracelets with a hint of minimalism are what you need to make your style stand out.

  • Grow a Beard

Facial hair for men can be a game-changer. They not only give you a mature look but also provide you with an ideal opportunity to pull off an edgy and more masculine vibe. As the biker style is significantly popular for its rough and tough edge and overall stark demeanor, growing a great beard can be one of the ways to achieve the most winning way. One of the most important things you must remember is that you do not necessarily have to aim for a style that does not even suit you. So you must approach this task with rationality and balance. Do not get overly enthusiastic. Because the length of your beard does not matter. The only thing that you must be concerned about is the fact that you carry it nicely.

It is pointless if you do not feel comfortable or lack the body language and confidence to pull it off nicely. Just like the hairstyles, there are many different innovative beard styles too. So always go for the one that syncs well with your style. Besides that, you can always reinvent and change it with your changing taste and the overall change in the fashion world.

  • Studs and Piercings

Again some accessories can make a great difference for you. One of the major ways you can integrate the biker style is by adding piercings and studs. They are not only one of the important aspects of the biker style, but they also bring that prominence into the whole thing and help it stand out with all the detailing that shines more with the addition of studs and piercings. A lot of times, even the most daring fashionistas dread or view the idea of going for permanent studs with a bit of skepticism.

But that should not be the case anymore. Because these days, things have become a lot easier with the amount of choice that you have got at your disposal. If you feel comfortable, then surely you can go for permanent piercings. But no worries, you can pull off the style winningly with the fake alternatives, too. You can wear them easily and remove them too without leaving a trace. You do not have to stick to one style with rigidity; rather, there are a lot of choices that you can aim for without a buffer. Besides that, you can also choose to go for something minimalist or showy with all your options.

  • A Pair of Leather Pants

Surely your ordinary denim pants are great. But, if you want to channel an extraordinary style like the prodigious biker style – then surely you need something extra special, right? To give extra appeal and swankiness, a pair of leather pants make the ultimate swoon-worthy and trendy option in epic proportions. It renders your outfits an exhilarating vibe. They also come with inherent edginess. Besides all these aspects, a pair of leather pants and leather jackets – these two elements are a match made in sartorial heaven. Most of the 19th-century styles and fashion trends were centered around leather. And these pieces float the same boat in more than one instance. They have a prominent place in the biker style. Their unwavering appeal and charisma bring the most amazing vibe into your personalized style. So that is another winning aspect.

  • Engraved Leather Belt

Sometimes the little things make a huge difference, even for biker style. The way you integrate things within your outfits can be a game-changer for you. Even if the whole outfit lacks luster, the addition of a swanky belt can end up creating a diverse degree of contrast and bring the note-worthy element of the look to the surface. Go for the ones that are made from leather. Besides that, it would be great if you went for the stark and edgy engraving to bring out an extra degree of edge and elegance.

  • Get a Tattoo

If you are a keen observer, you must have noticed that biker-style enthusiasts always integrate tattoos in their signature style. They make one of the OG elements. And, without a doubt, they successfully add a diverse flair to the whole merge every time without missing out. If you are someone who wants to give your style the most appealing and edgy versatility and also make it work out in that ideally authentic way, then this is the style that holds the answer for you. But, here is the tricky part: not everyone feels comfortable with the idea of getting themselves tattooed.

Even the most fierce experimental fashion enthusiasts can get paranoid and skeptical at the thought of getting something permanently engraved into your skin can feel intimidating and scary, but at the same time, you would not want to miss out on one of the essential aspects of the whole style, right? But, guess what, permeant tattoos are not the only way to acquire the legit authentic style. Go for the ones that do not come with permanency yet have the same authentic vibe.

  • Pull it Off with Confidence

In order to do justice to any trend, you must have the confidence to slay it. So as you are at it, reflect it through your body language. What your style might be, as long as you are not comfortable in it, and pulling with confidence, then the whole task is futile to put in all the efforts that you are doing. So do not forget to pull your style with confidence and a carefree and laid-back stance. Trust me; your style goes ten-notch when you confidently pull it off.

Conclusion: no wonder we all have a special soft corner for the trends. Our sentiments are quite loud and ricocheting regarding being retrograde. Without a doubt, the biker style is one of the most prominent styles. Despite its diverse style, the masses have adopted the style and have made it immensely popular. Whether you are someone new getting the hang of the style or have adopted it for quite some time – there are many things that set it apart. If you want to make a style statement without turning it into something permanent for yourself or have always felt like your style resonates with the rugged and edgy biker style – this style guide would help you achieve both deals simultaneously.

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