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Difference Between Normal Safari and VIP Desert Safari in Dubai?

Dubai is among the most sought-after tourist destinations around the world of today. There are a myriad of activities to explore in Dubai. A few of the thrilling options to try for yourself is VIP Desert Safari.

If you’re looking for a the desert safari, there are two options . You can choose to go on a regular safari or the second possibility is to experience the VIP Safari. What is the difference between them? What are the additional features of an exclusive Desert Safari in Dubai? In the next blog, we’re going examine the difference between the two.

What Do You Get in a Normal Desert Safari?

In “normal” safaris the main focus is the cost rather than the experience. The majority of safaris will be picked up by a bus from a specific place. As an incoming guest, you may visit the camp on your own or are picked up by bus from the camp. The camp may not always be near to the hotel. Therefore, you may have take a cab or ride the metro to reach it.

Nowadays, the majority of operators run the Safari that they conduct within Sharjah. Sharjah desert. It is a small desert, and because it’s quite small and crowded, it is quite packed. Don’t be surprised if the desert appears like a highway on an ordinary Monday!

Many people have high expectations of Dune-bashing. In the majority of cases the dune bashing experience is about bringing guests from the spot where they were taken by a bus, and then taking guests to their camp. It’s more like an ordinary commute rather instead of an adventure. It is best to avoid getting the Hummer or an Jeep Wrangler. The most desirable car you can purchase is likely to be an Mitsubishi Pajero. It’s an impressive, but extremely boring SUV out in desert.

In normal safaris, the campsite is also average. There’s not much to do, in the camp, and food served is poor quality.

What You Get on a VIP Desert Safari in Dubai?

The difference can be felt at the beginning. For instance, most of the top operators, like Royal Mirage Tours, would provide hassle-free pick of and Drop off using a four-wheeled cruisers at a time that is convenient to you. The pick-up would take place directly from your hotel

Now, let’s talk about Dune Bashing. In the VIP Desert Safari, you can take advantage of Desert driving as well as dune bashing from a qualified and experienced drivers certified by the The Govt. of Dubai. You can enjoy a experience of a safari through the red sands and sand dunes of the stunning Lahbab desert that is the largest desert in the UAE. It is also possible to view Dubai desert sunsets. You can also book a camel rides. If you’re looking to experience the authentic Bedouin This is the way you should do.

The camp will offer the experience of a genuine Arabic camping site. They may even greet guests with a cup of the traditional Arabic Coffee or tea on your arrival at the camp. There are plenty of things that you can enjoy on the campsite. Another bonus is photographing yourself dressed in Arabic dress.

If you’re looking to have the best VIP experience, then you should reserve a desert safari for VIPs in Dubai by Royal Mirage Tours.

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