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Dayara Bugyal Trek: Beginner’s Guide


Dayara Bugyal is often known for its beginner level trekking experience in the midst of the daunting Himalayas. You can easily go for a trip in the Dayara Bugyal with your families and kids. Infact, it is the best activity for a family to spend their time in the Himalayas. But what people often forget is the vastness of its meadows that is covered by the snow in the winter months that it is hard for your eyes to take it all in. The snow-blanketed meadows are so far extended that you will only see whiteness for miles. That is the true beauty of Dayara Bugyal. 

Trekkers often wish to go for a trek with snow all around and Dayara Bugyal offers just that and much more. The towering mountains of Bandarpoonch and Black peak loom over the Dayara Bugyal with their incredible height of above 21,000 feet. The mountains outlining the snow expanse of some of the rare meadows is the reason why you must take upon Dayara Bugyal Trek. When you look from your right to the left you will get a sweeping panoramic view of the big mountains like Mt Srikanth, Draupadi Ka Danda, and Mt Jaunli. All these Garhwal Himalayan ranges in front of the snowy land at a height of 12,000 ft is what makes Dayara Bugyal the best choice for a beginner.


Highlights of Dayara Bugyal


The Daunting Mountains Foreshadowing the vast expanse of the Meadows

You can see the cattle grazing those grasses from the nearby humble hamlets of the hills. Everywhere you go, the mountain Kalanag will follow you along with the Bandarpoonch mountain, flaked with the snow, reminding of its presence. You cross and climb the Gangotri range of the Himalayas. Not only the meadows but also the mountain views are the reason for which Dayara Bugyal is a hit among the hikers.


The Amaze-worthy expanse of the Meadows

When it comes to Dayara Bugyal, ofcourse meadows are a topic of discussion in the reasons to do Dayara Bugyal. The chain of endless and endless hillocks forms the vast expanse of the meadows. As far as the sight goes you will encounter the dewy meadows in a stark contrast with the mountains in the spring. As you make your way towards Bakhariya top, the highest point of the meadows, you will see the rolling rills one after another. The ridge beside the summit hilltop gives you a view of the plummeting valley and the range of great mountains at once.


The placement of the Campsites

The campsites are placed in the clearings of the meadows surrounded by the forest with commanding views of the snow-clad mountain peaks. It is safe to say, it is a dream camping experience for every trekker. The secluded camp area with a far stretch of the ground available for pitching your tent makes it an ideal site for resting and rejuvenating. You can take a walk around the area, wander about in the forest section, click some pictures or just enjoy the calming presence of nature. All campsites have their own touch of uniqueness, be it Gui, Chilpada or Barnala.


The Forest walks and the Wildlife

The dark shade of the forest looks like an enchanting world until you come across the open meadows. Due to this nature of forest you will find the varied species of wildlife making Dayara Bugyal their home. 

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When to do Dayara Bugyal Trek

Dayara Bugyal remains open for the hikers for almost all around the year with an exception of monsoon season due to detrimental weather hazards. The entire trek experience looks different in the different seasons. Spring and summers are best for the greenery and budding rhododendron trees. Autumn provides you with some of the finest views without any fog. Winters are best for the snow loving child in us with magnificent views. You are sure to take away something magical back home after a trek to Dayara Bugyal during any season.


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