Corporate Video VS Advertising Video

You want to gain notoriety, trigger sales, or improve your image but you are still hesitating on the audiovisual support to favor? Depending on your objectives, you can choose to communicate via a corporate or advertising video with the help of any video companies near me.

The corporate video, focus on the company’s culture and know-how

What is a corporate film?

The corporate film (or institutional film) highlights the culture and activity of a company. It illustrates the universe and the values ​​of the brand and presents the missions carried out within the framework of the activity. It can be broadcast on the web or on-screen during events. Finally, it lasts on average between 5 and 10 minutes and is not necessarily for commercial purposes. It is the ideal medium to promote your brand image internally and externally!

Why make a corporate video?

Adapted to communicate the right note to your target, corporate video assists you to get your goals: helping your brand image, highlighting your employees, supporting your positioning, etc. It also helps improve the referencing of your website, strengthen your internal communication and HR communication, communicating in times of crisis… In addition, the corporate video helps the audience to better identify with the company’s values.

How to integrate a corporate film into your strategy?

Its short format gives it great flexibility of use at trade fairs, on television or on the internet.

If you opt for a web distribution strategy, know that your website and social networks are ideal for increasing your digital footprint. You will gain visibility and quickly increase your traffic.

Plus, using innovative techniques, like drone aerial photography, will give you the ability to stand out and generate views.

Which corporate film should you choose to achieve your objectives?


The corporate film describing the activity and the capital gains of the company, with voice-over and animated titles is frequently used by organizations. If you want to reassure or inform the customer about your brand, this is the ideal format.

For example, Steel Projects showcases its new concept of steel construction improvement through a dynamic clip. There are a lot of cinematographic techniques utilized: 3D integrations, shots, special effects, animated titles, etc.


The fiction film with a singular scenario, is strongly inspired by storytelling. It is a very immersive format that projects the customer into the universe of the brand. If you want to tell a great story and create a bond with your client, opt for a fictional film.

The German outdoor clothing company Jack Wolfskin has opted for an inspiring corporate film. The dynamic shots associated with a tailor-made sound design immerse the viewer in the universe of the brand.

Advertising video, a showcase for your brand!

What is a commercial clip?

An advertising video is audiovisual content intended to be broadcast on the internet, in cinemas or on television. It generally lasts less than a minute because it advocates rapid and explicit communication. Often embellished with a voice-over and a rhythm mixing shots of illustrations or visual animations, video advertising is a powerful format for your audience. It covers various topics: product usefulness, good value for money, announcement of a promotional offer, etc.

Why choose advertising video?

” A picture is worth a thousand words. Indeed, this is true since a short and good quality video has more commercial impact than a long speech. The promotional film supports a sales pitch and corroborates the image of a brand or product. The advertising video stages the product or service in order to demonstrate its usefulness and effectiveness.

It positively influences the conversion rate of prospects. Note that 96% of people turn to video to learn about a product or service according to the oberlo.fr site.

The French company LAGRANGE wanted to highlight its new Crepiere The objective is to respect the brand image and to inspire consumers.

Or Bouygues Immobilier commissioned Arnould Conseil and Malevolent Mouse Productions to produce a promotional clip highlighting its new project. What make you want to move, right?

As you will have understood, corporate video or advertising spot, it is important to integrate videos into your communication. They have a positive and almost immediate impact on the notoriety of your company. They transmit a clear message and allow you to achieve your objectives. Finally, for personalized support and a professional rendering, consider calling on a production company near me.

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