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You have many options when you choose to pursue your career in finance. You can pursue a career in finance only if you are educated in this field and have job experience. 

In the field of finance, the industry is generally classified into three categories namely public, corporate and personal. From banking to insurance to financial planning to investing, making a career in Finance is the best option. 

In this blog, we will discuss the opportunities available in a finance assignment help.

What is a career in finance?

Finance covers a lot of fields, it doesn’t just include how money is managed, rather it also includes how money is acquire. However, it is commonly divide into three categories. 

  • Corporate finance
  • Personal finance
  • Public finance 

In these categories, each category requires a different skill, but their principles remain the same.

Money management requires source of money, which can be done professionally, through banks or corporate funds. So to make a career in finance, one needs to understand not only the principle of accounting, rather, there is a need to understand the best strategy for investing and raising capital. 

List of a career in finance 

A career in finance can be a good choice. Because they can provide high-paying positions after completing their degree. There is a good opportunity to work in finance. Some list are given below.

Investment Banking
A career in investment banking is a high-intensity field that involves trading and selling corporate securities. In addition, it also provides insightful advice to individuals and corporations. An investor may involve in trading stocks and bonds in the stock market under the advice of the bank.

However, this bank generally works with government, corporations, and other financial institutions, so that they can help in raising capital or they can be advise in relation to making the strategy.

Commercial Banking 

The commercial bank provides a wide range of services to individuals and businesses. It accepts deposits, safeguards assets, makes loans, and works with various types of clients, including the business and general public.  It also includes an analysis of competitive positions, financial statements, and industries.

Furthermore, the commercial bank offers multiple financial services like checking accounts, savings accounts, and many loan options. There are many career options within commercial banking, as many people start their careers as bank tellers.

Insurance Agent 

You can also make your career as an insurance agent within the finance field. Working in the insurance field permits you to explore different aspects of finance within a business. In this, you can work as an insurance sales representative or as a customer service specialist. You can work to calculate the responsibilities and risks of financial trends to help your clients with their financial objectives. 

Financial Planner 

Financial planners work with their clients to develop short-term and long-term financial goals and develop strategies to achieve those goals. They may work with young families, individuals nearing retirement, small business owners, or entrepreneurs. Because each client has unique goals, the financial planner must develop individual plans of action.

Basically, financial planners work within a national or local firm and should look into getting the Certified Financial Planner certification. 

Public Accounting 

The other diverse career for an accounting major is Public accounting. It is usually a sector of accounting that is related to clients from companies, businesses, or individuals. 

Generally, a public accountant works with both corporations and individual clients to maintain financial transactions, prepare income tax returns, and audit their records. In addition, public accountants can work in firms large or small, depending on their clients.

Venture Capitalist 

The main job of a Venture Capital Analyst is to determine where the company’s money should be invested. To determine whether the money is to invest or not, a lot of research and analysis is done, because it involve a huge amount of money and risk.

Risk Management 

Risk management professionals are able in determining market risks and recognizing poor investment outcomes. Their first duty is to maximize the return and reduce the risk strategically. For this purpose, they apply their math powers and reasoning skills and give advice to their clients on multiple matters. The job role in risk management can divides into the following categories:

  • Supply chain risk manager
  • Financial risk manager
  • Enterprise risk manager
  • Digital risk manager
  • Operational risk manager


Above we have shown a list of some finance field opportunities in which you can make your career. Hope you have absolutely understood all finance fields. To get a complete knowldege about excel. You can read the Excel Assignment Help

There are many different types of careers in Finance, and each of them will require different skills and education. Some careers will require a degree, while others will require certifications. Some careers will be more stable than others. Whatever your goals in the finance field, there is a career in Finance that will help you achieve them. 

 Before choosing any of the financial certifications like FRM, CFA, PRM, etc. It would be wise to prepare a career plan that you want to continue in the future. 

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