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Common Truck Maintenance Issues That You Must Not Avoid

During long-distance travel, the truck may catch some serious accident. When you hear about the word accident, you probably think about the bad driving of the vehicle. Right? But it is not true all the time.  Every time, bad driving is not the cause of accidents. Sometimes the bad maintenance of the vehicle also causes severe mishaps on the road. What do you think should we do in this case? 

The on-time and better maintenance is the only solution to avoid such accidents. All the minor and major wear and tear must be checked before loading the truck and driving it on the road. The proper maintenance of the truck and other vehicles ensures the safety of the driver.

Here, in this article, you may find some common issues related to truck maintenance that you should never avoid before driving on the road. You can keep these points in mind to keep yourself safe from any accidents.

  • Damaged brakes

All the vehicles including construction equipment or used cat wheel loaders need error-free brakes. According to estimations, 5% of all accidents are caused due to faulty and damaged brakes. Before driving the truck and other vehicles, make sure the brakes are in working condition and have no issue. The brakes are the things that bear all the pressure, friction, and heat on them. So, it may easily get damaged. You must pay attention to the regular maintenance of brakes along with other parts of the truck.

  • Tire leakage and pressure

We know that tires are the most important part of any vehicle, it bears all the weight of the machine over them. Tires help the machine in Maneuverability. However, poor maintenance may cause damage to tires and it will ultimately lead dot the accident on road. The leaked tire loses all the pressure and air from it and makes it less capable of running on the road. Regular maintenance and on-time repairing can save you from mishaps.

  • Fuel leakage 

When the machine has some fuel and oil leakages, then it may cause severe accidents to the vehicle. Before going on the road, it is necessary to check all the leakages in the machine and repair it at an early convenience. The oil leakage may also cause the blast over a small hit.

  • Faulty engine

A faulty and damaged engine can cause you to stand in the middle of the road. Due to poor maintenance, the engine may stop working at any time even if you are driving in the mid of the highway. Can you imagine how dangerous it could be? Nobody wants to get hit by the passing vehicles on the highway. So, it’s better to keep the engine health maintained. Regularly maintain it to keep it working. If it needs any major repairing, do not take risks riding in this situation. Like used cat wheel loaders, trucks also need scheduled maintenance to avoid any accident.


The regular maintenance of the truck is a mandatory job. Poor maintenance may cause severe accidents on the road. Studies say that 5% of all truck accidents are caused by poor maintenance and not due to bad driving. In this article, you may find some common issues that you must look at before driving the truck on the road.

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