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Champions to Avoid Choosing for a Better and Easier Game—League of Legends

Champions to Avoid Choosing for a Better and Easier Game—League of Legends

LOL gift cards – Choosing a high-skill, difficult-to-operate champion is the last thing you would want to do in League of Legends because if you don’t get yourself together within just a few minutes of the game, you’re kicked out of it.

Therefore, to make your game easier, we compiled a small list of champions that you must skip at any cost.

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Eight Characters that You Must Avoid in LoL gift cards

If you are new to LoL, many experienced players will ask you to choose any character but not these ones:


Irelia has only one weapon, which is a blade. With blades, she can do various movements such as Ionian Fervor, Bladesurge, Hiten Style, Equilibrium Style, and Transcendent Blades.

Although her moves are powerful, she needs the enemies to be close to her in order to damage them. If the combat is in a group or in an open area, she can die easily at the hands of a new player.


Even though Kog’Maw has various skills such as Bio-Arcane Barrage, Void Ooze, Living Artillery, Caustic Spittle, and Icathian Surprise, the champion still has some drawbacks.

Similar to Irelia, Kog’Maw also can’t be played for group combats. If the player has a team, they can handle Kog’Maw with the help of other players, but for solo play, we’d suggest not using this champion.


Rumble is most often chosen for his anti-tank capacity, but this champion has the worst win rate in League of Legends.

Some characteristics of Rumble are that he is small and a loner because of his temper. And he has skills such as FlameSpitter, Electro-Harpoon, Junkyard Titan, Scrap Sheild, and The Equalizer.


If you talk about Fiora as the worst character, some experienced people will definitely curse you out. With her outstanding moves and skills like Duelist’s Dance, Lunge, Riposte, Bladework, and Grand Challenge, she has the ability to kill any champion in a few seconds if played well enough. Her moves and skills are quite difficult to master, which makes her a bad champion for beginners.

Lee Sin

The Blind Monk Lee Sin is the most popular and loved character in LoL due to his abilities like Sonic Wave, Tempest, Dragon’s Rage, etc.

He is quite versatile and can be used effectively for close combat. However, mastering his different playstyles and moves might be challenging for new users.


Kalista is the spirit of vengeance. She is considered one of the hardest champions to play because of her abilities to kite and her numerous number of moves.

If the player can’t understand the mechanisms of kiting, they’ll fail to operate Kalista, resulting in early death, especially as a solo player.


Yasuo is a swordsman with abilities such as Way of the Wanderer, Steel Tempest, Wind Wall, Sweeping Blade, and Last Breath. Buy lol gift cards from genuine dealers.

While playing Yasuo, you need to be perfect in your timing and quick with your moves. He can also easily be killed or damaged by other champions with nukes or range.

His moves are difficult, and before you start any combat or go to any location, you need to have a perfect plan of moves and timing with Yasuo.


With abilities like Voracity, Bouncing Blades, Preparation, Shunpo, and Death Lotus, Katarina is one of the hardest to play champions.

The thing that makes her dangerous to choose for new players is her daggers. Which she tosses and needs to pick up every time she gets into a fight. This process can cost the player either their life in the game. Or they have to deal with the frustration of losing their enemy.

Summing Up

Every character or champion in League of Legends has its own skills and abilities that need to be mastered. And as a new player, it is quite hard to operate the champion and understand it at the same time. So choosing one that is the simplest to play is what a new LoL player must do.

Also, this list is not only for new players to avoid these champions but for those who like new challenges. And are great at getting the first kill with the hardest characters. They can refer to these characters as their first shot at hard game play.

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Gaurav Singh

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