CBD Oil: What are the uses?

Uses of CBD OIl in one of the most discussed topic theses days. Cannabidiol or CBD is a cannabinoid. Cannabinoids affect the body’s eocrinoid system to regulate mood, anxiety, and appetite.1 CBD comes from Cannabis plants (ex. Cannabis Indica or Cannabis sativa). CBD found in hemp (Cannabis Ruderalis) is more common. CBD is then blended with carrier oils to make CBD oil.

The other main component of Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa species–but not typically Cannabis ruderalis–is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC can give you a feeling like you are intoxicated, but it can also cause other sensations such as paranoia. CBD oil should not have more than 0.3% THC. It shouldn’t cause any euphoria, and many people assume that it’s safe.

Both researchers and consumers are interested in CBD products. One source estimates that CBD products will be selling for more than $20 Billion in the US in 2024.2 CBD has been extensively studied for its ability to treat chronic pain, seizures, anxiety, inflammation and many other conditions.

CBD Oil: What are the uses?

Supplement use should always be assessed by a qualified healthcare professional like a registered dietitian or pharmacist. Supplements cannot be used to cure, prevent, or treat disease.

CBD oil advocates claim it can help people with a variety of health issues. CBD oil has become increasingly popular and researchers are trying to find out more about rus escort it. However, there is not much evidence supporting its many health claims.

Here are some more details about CBD oil’s compelling health benefits.


In June 2018, the FDA approved Epidiolex, which is a CBD oral solution. Epidiolex is used for the treatment of two rare forms epilepsy in children below two years. They are Dravet syndrome (or Lennox-Gastaut) and Dravet syndrome (or Lennox-Gastaut). These rare genetic disorders can cause lifelong seizures during the first year. Tuberous sclerosis complex was approved for the drug in 2020. This rare genetic condition causes benign tumors to grow all over the body and is often associated with seizures. Epidiolex has been approved for use by people over one year of age for each of these conditions.

CBD’s effectiveness to treat seizures is not yet known. The anti-seizure effects of CBD are not known. Epidiolex is not considered a supplement. A prescription is required from a healthcare provider. CBD products, however, are not controlled or standardized. They have not yet been proven to treat seizures.


CBD may be able to help with anxiety disorders13. However, there are not enough human trials to prove CBD’s anxiety-relieving properties. One study found that 57 men were given CBD oil and a sugar pill without CBD (placebo), prior to a public speaking event.14 Blood pressure and heart rate measurements were used by the researchers to assess participants’ anxiety levels. The Visual Analog Mood Scale was also used by the researchers to measure mood. The CBD oil gave a lower level of anxiety in men who took 300mg (mg) than men who received a placebo. But, the CBD oil gave a different effect for men who took 100mg (mg), or 600mg (mg). Due to the small sample size of this trial and the fact that only men were enrolled, more data is required to confirm that CBD oil has an effect on women. A second double-blind placebo-controlled trial showed CBD to reduce symptoms of Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) in teens. However, the study was very small with only 37 participants.


Preliminary evidence regarding CBD’s effect on addiction has been mixed. In a small controlled trial, fifty people with heroin abuse disorder received CBD at 400 mg and 800 mg doses.17 The CBD-treated group showed lower anxiety levels and decreased cravings. For this use, it is necessary to conduct more rigorous trials.


1000mg of CBD oil per day was shown to reduce positive psychotic symptoms in a controlled randomized trial of 88 people with schizophrenia.18 However, CBD oil and placebo did not show significant differences in the severity of psychotic symptoms, such as disinterest or blunt affect. Not to be confused with the fact that CBD oil was being used as an addition therapy for schizophrenia treatment.

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