Can I seal my composite decking?

Before composite decking manufacturers developed it, homeowners used wood decking. To make wood decking endure longer and decrease water absorption, it needed to be sealed. Composite decking was promoted as a long-lasting and low-maintenance decking material when it was first introduced. This means that, unlike wood decking, does not require sealing. This article discusses whether or not you should seal your composite decking.

What is composite decking?

What is composite decking?

The difference between composite decking and trädäck is that one is made of synthetic material while the other is made of natural wood. Composite decking is made out of recycled plastic and wood. These two materials are combined with a bonding agent at a manufacturing plant. They will cut the composite boards into form to utilize in the construction of your decking after they have been manufactured. Wood-plastic has the advantage of lasting longer than wood decking. It will last longer if you put your wood plastic composite decking outside.

Why do people seal their decks?

To prevent moisture or excess water from entering the decking board, homeowners seal it. When you install outdoor decking in your garden, it becomes vulnerable to rain, snow, and moisture from the air. Rain or moisture can seep into the decking planks, causing them to rot. This means that when it rains or there is a lot of moisture in the air, your decking will absorb it. The negative is that your decking will bulge as a result. And as the deck expands and rots, it will expand and decay. Decking material manufacturers recommend sealing their decking with a suitable sealer to keep it from swelling.

Is it important to seal composite decking?

Is it important to seal composite decking?

Remember how we said that composite decking is a long-lasting material that outlasts wood? In addition, unlike wood decking, the wood plastic composite will not swell or expand. This indicates that was designed to withstand the weather better than conventional decking kinds. It will not absorb excess moisture if you place permanent composite boards in your garden.

Aside from that, the wood plastic composite is not susceptible to shrinking or warping. In terms of sealing, does not need to be sealed in order to endure longer. This is due to the enhanced surface roughness of the wood plastic composite, which minimizes the amount of moisture it absorbs.king’s plastic-coated surface minimizes the quantity of water and other liquid it absorbs. There’s no need to seal composite boards since they don’t absorb moisture as wood does. Some homeowners, on the other hand, opt to seal their wood plastic composite simply because they want to. It is entirely optional for homeowners to seal their composite decking.

What type of sealer should I use?

We can explore the type of sealer to use now that we’ve established that most homeowners seal their because they wish to. Sealing komposittrall is similar to staining it with a high-quality stain. So, if you want to seal your you’ll need to go out and get a decent satin stain. Please note that we will not advise you on which type of sealer to purchase. However, if you know which ones are long-lasting and won’t fade rapidly, you may use them.

How can I seal my composite decking?

How can I seal my composite decking? 

The first step in sealing your composite decking is to remove anything that has been placed on it. After you’ve removed whatever is on top of your decking, you may clean it. It’s worth noting that the sealing procedure runs concurrently with the maintenance procedure. As a result, when maintaining you’re, you should seal it. 

Clean the top of your wood plastic composite until it is completely free of dirt. You may scrape oil or grease stains from the top of your wood plastic if necessary. 

After washing and cleaning your WPC decking, rinse the top with water until all dirt is gone from the surface. After that, pour the stain into a bucket and apply it to the surface of your wood plastic using a roller. 

Do this from one edge to the other of your composite boards, following the grain. Allow your wood plastic composite to cure once you’ve done sealing it.


Is it mandatory to seal my composite decking? To extend the life of your, you don’t need to seal it. However, if you wish to stain the surface of your wood plastic composite decking, you need to apply an excellent sealer.

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