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Buccal Fat Removal: The Mini Liposuction Process

It’s called Buccal fat removal:

Many men and women want to have more facial fat that makes their faces look younger or slimmer overall. Fat in your face can make you look more youthful and perky. If you want to remove fat from your cheeks and make your cheekbones look better, there is a surgery called Buccal Fat Removal.

About getting buccal fat out:

A buccal fat removal is a simple and effective procedure. Buccal fat is kept separate from the rest of the cheek tissue, making it easy to remove. Incisions are made in the inside wall of your mouth to remove the teeth. This incision allows for direct access to the buccal fat and avoids making visible cuts in your face.

Make your face look better without a long recovery time with this surgery. You will only feel a little swollen after the procedure, but you should be able to go back to your normal activities in three to five days.

Most patients’ cheekbones look more prominent when they don’t have a lot of fat in their cheeks. People who are thin but have big face feel more confident now that their face looks like the rest of their bodies. It can change your jawline from a full, square one to one that is more angled or oval.

The pros and cons:

If your cheeks are round, plump, or chubby, you may be very self-conscious about how your face looks. It can hurt your self-esteem if the fat spreads down to the bottom of your cheeks and your jawline.

Fortunately, there are many ways to slim down your face and make it look more defined and sculpted. Buccal fat removal procedures can help you cut down on the size of your cheeks by getting rid of extra fat. It makes your face look more defined and may even help you feel better about yourself.

What a Buccal Fat Remover Do:

You will get a local anesthetic to lessen the pain because the surgeon will be making an extended cut between your cheek and gums. Remove the fat by gently putting pressure under your cheekbone. Then, forceps can remove the fat that comes out of the incision. Mini-liposuction may also be used by the surgeon if there is too much fat around the jawline.

A doctor closes the incisions and wraps the face in bandages after removing the right amount of fat from the beginning; then, in a few weeks and months, you will have a scar at the place where you had surgery.

There are many good things about getting rid of the fat in your mouth.

Buccal fat removal can be an excellent alternative to facial liposuction, and in some cases, it can be very effective. Others don’t look different after losing weight because the fat has become a stubborn deposit stuck under the skin. Getting rid of buccal fat can be suitable for:

  • People who are about average weight and want to look more sculpted.
  • Making the person look better without a lot of surgery.
  • Making the body look more sculpted and defined
  • Raising one’s self-worth
  • Making the person look more mature
  • The downsides of removing the fat from your mouth

While surgery to remove buccal fat has many benefits, there are some risks and side effects. These are:

  • There is a chance of getting infected with something.
  • Over or under removal of fat can cause an unbalanced look to the face.
  • There is a risk of damage to the surrounding tissues if facial liposuction is part of the surgery.
  • The type of incision made could leave you with a visible scar for several weeks or even months after surgery.
  • People who remove their buccal fat should see these things happen.
  • To get rid of buccal fat, cut about 5 mm to 2 cm into the oral cavity. Then, please take out the right amount of buccal fat to eliminate it.

Less and less fat comes out of your mouth as you get older:

It’s terrible for both men and women to have too much drooping on their face lines, so cutting off the right amount will cause wrinkles caused by sagging. It can be a blister, face line disorder, marionette lines, and nasolabial folds. It means that the small face effect caused by the clean face line can last for a very long time.

The amount of fat in your mouth changes as you get older.

If you have a lot of “buccal fat,” that’s what you have under your chin. There is also “mailer fat” on your cheeks, and there’s subcutaneous fat.

Subcutaneous fat and mailer fat are found just below the skin’s surface.

People call it “cheek fat” or “cheek fat pad.” It is a yellow fat that spreads from the temples to the bottom of the cheekbones and is called “cheek fat.”

Subcutaneous fat is skinny and even under the skin. It plays various important roles, such as controlling body temperature, storing energy, and protecting against outside stimuli. Besides, buccal fat is said to help babies suck breast milk, act as a cushioning material while eating with teeth, and keep space for permanent teeth.


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