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Best Monsoon Treks in India


Monsoon, the time where the sea comes to meet us in the form of small raindrops. Instead of enjoying these raindrops people just stare at it through the window. The reason behind this is there are 2 types of people. First type is lazy and the other is because they don’t know what to do or how to enjoy these small raindrops. 

Well we can’t help with the first type but for the second type here we got you all you need for this season. Why not enjoy the rain in the mountains or forests and create an ordinary day sitting on a window to an extraordinary adventurous day. We got all you want and the places which will blow your mind and after knowing all this I bet those first type of people would also won’t be lazy anymore as even they would not be able to hold themselves back for this amazing adventure. 


Valley of Flowers trek 

The Valley of Flowers trek is arguably Uttarakhand’s most well-known trek, but for a variety of reasons. This breathtaking place is located in the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve and is announced as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The best time to visit this place is during monsoons because when the little drops of rain fall on the delicate petals of flowers it just adds to the beauty of the place and makes it more beautiful than it can ever be. During storms, the location transforms into a giant floor covering of blooms, providing the most captivating views. 

The beautiful scents of flowers and colors will just blow your mind. Don’t forget to take pictures here as you don’t visit such places everyday. During this time you get to see some greenery along with the flowers as monsoons nourish the barren lands. 


Rupin Pass Trek

This trek starts from Dhaula a village in Uttarakhand and is located in the Himalayan range. The highest altitude of Rupin Pass is about 4650 m with the trekking distance of about 55 km covering the route in around 8 days. 

This is how you go through the Rupin pass trek: dewy glades with some purplish-blue streams, snowfields, and numerous cascades. It is a delight for experienced junkies, especially during a thunderstorm, because of its ever-changing scenery. Simply imagine yourself outside beside these cascades, expressing appreciation to your stars; it’s something we really miss!

You can take a route of wild flowers which is usually seen a lot after monsoons and various other varieties of flora. 


Sinhagad Trek

People living in Maharashtra and still have not experienced this trek, so I think it’s not worth living there for them. An amazing monsoon trek with an abundant flora and fauna is something which you just can’t miss during that time. It is so easy that it can be done by beginners as well as experienced travelers. 

The fort is situated at the height of around 4320 ft and takes about 1 – 1.5 hours to reach there. On reaching there you can explore the seventeenth century fort which was previously called as “Kondana.” So you must be wondering that this is something which you have heard before. Yes, this fort was in the movie Tanhaji. As the movie conveyed, it played a major role during the Maratha Empire and was built in the center of the other Maratha forts like the Torna Fort, Raigad fort, Purandar fort etc. You get an in depth history of this fort by your guide guiding you during this trek. You can get an amazing ancient adventure which makes you curious at each point. 


Book the amazing Hampta Pass trek now and explore the mighty Himalayas!


Chembra Peak Trek

An amazing adventure to the uphills of green mountains and real plantations; Chembra Peak trek stretches to a distance of about 3 km which can be covered in 3-4 hours.  

You can come across the tea plantation vegetation and the scent of tea leaves will leave you wonderstruck. A perfect trail during the monsoons it is the most green and beautiful time of the Chembra Peak trek. 

The main attraction here is the heart-shaped lake located at the highest point of the Chembra Peak which is literally in the shape of a heart. After walking for around 3 km starting from the base tea garden you reach this lake. Although the climb may be exhausting but on reaching your final destination you will be proud and happy for bringing yourself to this awesome place. 


Dzongri Trek 

Point of fact Dzongri journey located in Sikkim is one of the main paths for you to taste the kinds of the Eastern Himalayas. Dzongri Top offers a panoramic view of the 360 degree perspective on the whole Sikkim and Darjeeling Himalayas. Going from Far East stand tall the snow shrouded monsters covering the entire North and extending till Bhutan contacting skylines of West. It is the best monsoon trek in the Himalayan region and provides an excellent view of Mt Kanchenjunga.

If you want to view the Himalayas from the other perspective and from a little different angle then you should go for this trek.

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