Best Arabic Restaurant in Abu Dhabi makes your day memorable for a lifetime

This is a Moroccan Arabic restaurant within the iconic Millennium. You will probably recognize this restaurant as one of the best places to visit so that you can enjoy your days of huge celebrations. This place has opened for a good reason. Your evening is bound to be your entrance with truly amazing music through the live band that plays the rhythm to an in-house belly dancer. If all you want is an intimate dinner and a show, this is the place to go. You need to make sure that you head over to this place so as to make your day memorable for a lifetime.

For a long duration, it was the only real option wherein Abu Dhabi Lourve got built. Now within the midst of multiple restaurant openings, this establishment has basically stepped up its game and opened up the doors to an even wider selection and more to offer. You will get the Emirate food and within a great quantity and quality. While there, try on the traditional jasheed(minced shark) and umm all (Crab Bread Pudding). You may order mains off the menu or else opt for the buffet during lunchtime. If you are the one who wishes to get the best food then you need to head towards the Best Arabic Restaurant in Abu Dhabi (أفضل مطعم عربي في أبو ظبي). You need to make sure that you arrive over Sajway so as to enjoy your big day for a lifetime. You must make your day simply fabulous. Make the best use of your day and come up over here so as to enjoy to the utmost.

Come over to the Best Arabic Restaurant in Abu Dhabi UAE

The restaurant believes in sticking close to home. All the ingredients are local and organic and they use only the best sources within the location.  However, it is one of the most expensive restaurants within the city, you are sure to get your heart delighted here. Before you place the order with the main meals get the hammourmafrook to share. This is a whitefish spread that is served with bread. This occurs out to be a shoulder of lamb, slow-cooked in a banana leaf. Your tastebuds would surely thank you. Expect up the touch of contemporary updates to the traditional Lebanese dishes with some exciting twists.

The beetroot mountable, for instance, was a rich addition to the traditional smoked aubergine dip. Another unexpected change came up within the Hablaniyah, which was basically a raw minced lamb dish, in this case, wherein hints of mint and garlic gave the dish a little bit of extra flavor. After your meal, head over to the terrace wherein you may have sheesha and listen to the live Arabic music. If you are not feeling too stuffed then try the camel’s milk smoothie to top off an incredible experience. However, you would not expect anything less when you walk into Sajway. There occurs out to be something that is exceptionally charming about the restaurant. Could it get washed out that the Arabian décor that resembles something out of an Indiana Jones film? Or else perhaps the hand-carved furniture adorning the barasti ceiling. Make your day fabulous and come over to the Best Arabic Restaurant in Abu Dhabi (أفضل مطعم عربي في أبو ظبي).

Land over the Best Arabic Restaurant in UAE

The restaurant plays host to princes and sheiks alike, who frequent the venue that is based solely upon the impeccable reputation. The best aspect to experience this gem is to go for lunch or else the dinner buffets. With these, you may sample the Emirati dishes like the majboos that is a chicken dish baked in rice.    It is one of the perfect places for any occasion to make it a huge celebration. During the day, families and friends enjoy the beautiful views while tasting the Middle-eastern cuisine. Once the sun goes down the magic increases and the oriental vibes basically fill up the stunning lighting and sounds. If you wish to enjoy food then you must surely land up over one of the Best Arabic Restaurant in Abu Dhabi (أفضل مطعم عربي في أبو ظبي). Sajway is the right place to make your day just fabulous.

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