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Benefits Of Having Veterinary Tables In Your Clinical Setting

Pets don’t like visiting vets periodically for a checkup, but veterinarians love to perform their duties only with a proper setup. However, due to a lack of space in veterinary clinics, the patients and surgeons face an uncomfortable experience. Purchasing modern vet equipment can improve the working space. Also, there will be fewer injury risks due to a particular design of the veterinary equipment.

Cheers! You’ve got your facility for veterinary practices and now you are looking for the best veterinary equipment. Choosing a piece of reliable equipment is daunting due to several options. However, the most important equipment is the operating room table for feasible examination and treatment. There are plenty of other perks of having veterinary tables.

Types Of Veterinary Tables Used In Veterinary Clinics

The veterinary tables provide the best support to the patients and make the diagnostic and surgical procedures easier to perform for the veterinarian. For instance, the surgical tables assist in pediatric, cardiovascular, gynecology, and orthopedic procedures. And the best thing? The surgical tables permit the doctors to tackle pet patients of all sizes with care. Below is the classification of veterinary tables listed below:

types of veterinary table

  1. C-Arm Tables
  2. Equine Surgery Tables
  3. Grooming Tables
  4. Stainless Steel Lift Tables
  5. Stainless Steel Necroscopy Tables
  6. Stainless Steel Wet Tables and Dental Tables
  7. Stainless Steel Work Tables and Carts
  8. Stretchers
  9. Surgical Tables
  10. Veterinary Exam; Procedure Tables

Why Use Ergonomically Designed Folding Veterinary Tables?

There are many advantages of having ergonomic veterinary equipment. Let’s discuss!

use of veterinary table

1.              Additional Storage

The folding tables provide more room to lift the pet patients in a smaller space. Also, the folding veterinary surgery tables can sit beside the wall when they are not in use by the medical practitioner or their team.

2.              Less Work-Related Injuries

The veterinary table provides assistance to the user in lifting the animal for examination or any procedure. Also, the table with a particular design for examination and surgical procedures prevents work-related injuries.

3.              Easy To Move

There are several situations when the surgery tables are kept away, so the ones with wheels assist. For example, large animals like horses must be kept in the chute before some procedures. So, the portable medical stainless-steel tables are perfect for such situations.

4.              Hidden Storage Units

There are some additional perks of getting the veterinary surgery tables because the modern ones have hidden storage units and lids for the health care setup’s convenience. In addition, the multifunctional tables provide utmost convenience in the tighter areas and make the smaller workspaces versatile.

5.              Proper Hygiene

The official setup equipment is not only for performing surgeries or examining patients. The health of office workers is important to keep in mind as well. Here is a huge risk of musculoskeletal injuries in veterinary practices, including high hand force, forceful exertions, high vibration, repetitive impact, and more. Plus, the veterinary tables are feasible to clean and ensure that workers do not catch any infection or diseases. Thus, veterinary equipment with an ergonomic structure can decrease these potential health risks.


Buying the right veterinary table that fulfills the patient’s and medical practitioners’ requirements are important. Don’t forget to keep some crucial points in mind while buying a veterinary surgery table.

  1. Prevent the staff’s back injuries while lifting frail or heavy animals. Again, safety and health should be on the top!
  2. While buying a veterinary table, think about which procedures are feasible to perform in it. This query will assist you in finding the right surgery table.
  3. Lastly, consider the budget.

On Vet And Tech, you can find a vast range of veterinary tables from reliable manufacturers. So, make your purchase today to complete your surgical procedures efficiently and successfully. Then, your patient will leave the clinic by thanking you with licks!


What To Consider While Choosing A Surgery Table?

The vital features in an examination and operation table are quite similar. So consider the heated and non-heated surface, versatility (flat or V-top), an electric or hydraulic patient position.

Are Movable Or Lift Tables Beneficial For Health Care Team?

The lifting and portable surgery table assists in putting patients correctly where they should be to provide treatment feasibly. Besides this, the lifting tables reduce body strains, and there is no need to raise the table numerous times.

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Which Things Are Essential In An Exam Table?

Before buying an exam table for your health care setup consider the right weight capacity for holding heavy animals too. For instance, the weight capacity should not be less than 200lbs, high-quality and non-slippery material like stainless steel, and correct dimensions, so the pet patient fits comfortably on the table.

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