Automated Manifest System Explained Like You’re 5 (And Why It is Important)

Imagine you’re in America, and cargo is coming into the country faster than lightning. But, unfortunately, you can’t keep up with the shipments, and more importantly, you can’t get all the details of each import.

So, you decide to develop an electronic information transmission system to know the A to Z of the cargo coming in. That way, you tighten the security in the loading port and area of landing.

In a nutshell, that’s what the Automated Manifest System is all about. The importers need to fill in the details of the ship and the cargo content at two points:

  • Before unloading. The carriers fill out all the required documents 24 hours before the cargo is unloaded.
  • Before arrival. The freight forwarders submit custom requirements such as the Commercial Invoice and House Bill of Lading.

That way, clearance is more manageable, and the motherland stays safer.

Advantages of the AMS Freight Tracking System

The AMS offers benefits for both sides, as you’ll see:

  • All the unnecessary paperwork goes out of the window, making the process faster.
  • Documents are available for future reference, thanks to the computer-controlled system.
  • Border and customs officials can focus on vessels and cargo posing a severe threat and flag off non-threatening shipments.

To close, you can check out this FAQ document by the government to understand more about using this godsent technology.

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