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Afghan Kush Strain Information and Reviews | Pros and Cons | Mega Marijuana Store

Introduction to Afghan Kush:

Afghan Kush Strain is an incredibly famous weed strain that is valued for its remarkable flavor and strong impacts. This indica prevailing cross breed has Afghan and Pakistani hereditary qualities and is dearest by marijuana experts for its unwinding and narcotic impacts. While it’s not the most straightforward strain to develop, Afghan Kush Weed Strain is certainly worth the work for any serious cultivators out there. We should investigate this famous strain!

Detailed Information:

The Afghan Kush Strain Info of marijuana is an extremely famous decision among smokers searching for a powerful indica. Its belongings are generally physical, giving unwinding and sofa lock. For some’s purposes, it can likewise be somewhat of a head-trip.

The high THC content of this strain (up to 27%) implies that it’s not really for amateurs. The Afghan Kush plant is short and shaggy, with expansive leaves.  It’s a decent decision for indoor producers, as it doesn’t get too tall. The buds are thick and resinous, with a sweet, gritty smell. This strain starts from the Hindu Kush mountains in Afghanistan. It was brought to the West in the mid 1990s by a few gutsy Afghan exiles.

From that point forward, it has turned into a pillar of the pot scene. Assuming you’re searching for a loosening up smoke that will leave you feeling lounge chair locked, then Afghan Kush is a decent decision. Simply know that its high THC content means it’s not reasonable for amateurs.

The History of Afghan Kush:

The Afghan Kush weed strain is a famous decision for the overwhelming majority pot smokers. Yet, where did this strain come from? The Afghan Kush weed strain is local to the Hindu Kush district of Afghanistan. This district is known for its cruel environment and rough landscape. The Afghani Kush Strain is accepted to be one of the most established strains of pot in presence.

The Afghan Kush weed strain was first acquainted with the West during the 1970s. Around then, the best way to get this strain was by making a trip to Afghanistan. Notwithstanding, the Afghan Conflict during the 1980s made it challenging for westerners to get to this strain.

Luckily, the Afghan Kush weed strain advanced toward Holland during the 1990s. From that point, it has spread to other pieces of Sugar Mint. Today, this strain is broadly accessible and is a well known decision for the overwhelming majority pot smokers.

Indica And Sativa Afghan Kush:

The Afghan Kush is an extremely famous weed strain that is know for its strong indica impacts. This strain is suppose to have the option to loose up even the most tense of muscles, and is often use to assist with peopling rest. The Afghan Weed Strain  is likewise know for its sweet, hearty flavor, and its impactful smell.

In any case, this strain isn’t without its downsides – a few clients report that the high from the Afghan Kush can be very serious and overpowering, and it can some of the time bring about sofa lock. Nevertheless, the Afghan Kush is as yet an exceptionally famous strain, particularly among indica darlings.

THC And CBD Afghan Kush:

With regards to Afghan Kush, there are a couple of things you really want to be aware of this specific weed strain. First of all, Afghan Kush is know for its high THC content. This goes with it an incredible decision for those searching for a powerful weed strain. In any case, it’s likewise significant that Afghan Kush has a moderately low CBD content.

This implies that it may not be the most ideal decision for those looking for health advantages from their marijuana. Notwithstanding, in the event that you’re basically searching for a strong strain to unwind with, then Afghan Kush is certainly worth considering.

Pros and Cons of Afghan Kush:

Afghan Kush is a famous strain of pot that is know for its strong impacts. Afghan Kush is suppose to be one of the most ground strains of marijuana, and it is likewise one of the most famous. Nonetheless, there are a few pros and cons to utilizing this strain.


  1. Afghan Kush is supposed to be one of the most grounded strains of Marijuana, which can be a star for individuals who need a more strong high.
  2. It is additionally one of the most famous strains of pot, so it is not difficult to track down.


  1. Since Afghan Kush is so strong, it tends to be all in all too much for certain individuals. novices ought to be mindful while attempting this strain.
  2. Afghan Kush can likewise be very costly, contingent upon where you buy it from.

Afghan Kush Strain Reviews:

In the event that you’re searching for a strong indica-prevailing strain, Afghan Kush is an extraordinary choice. This strain begins from the Hindu Kush mountains in Afghanistan, and it’s know for its weighty body high and narcotic impacts. Many individuals utilize this strain to assist with relief from discomfort, a sleeping disorder, and stress.

Afghan Kush has areas of strength for a, flavor with traces of lemon. The buds are regularly thick and shrouded in trichomes, which causes them to show up exceptionally cold. At the point when smoked, this strain can be very unforgiving on the lungs, so it’s vital to endure little shots assuming you’re new to smoking it.

The impacts of Afghan Kush can be feel very quickly in the wake of smoking. You’ll probably feel a feeling of unwinding and sedation, as well as lounge chair lock. This strain isn’t suggest for daytime use since it can make you extremely lethargic. Generally speaking, Afghan Kush is a fantastic decision for anybody searching for a strong indica-prevailing strain.

Growing Information Afghan Kush:

Assuming you’re hoping to develop Afghan Kush, you’ll need to know that it’s a somewhat simple strain to develop. It’s a decent decision for fledglings, as it’s not too fastidious and is impervious to numerous normal nuisances and sicknesses.

It’s likewise a genuinely quick strain, with a blooming season of close to about two months. Afghan Kush fills best in warm, dry environments, and does well both inside and outside. When developed inside, it can arrive at levels of up to 2m. Outside, it can get considerably greater, arriving at levels of 3m or more.

The buds of Afghan Kush are enormous and thick, with a weighty covering of trichomes. They have a profound natural smell, with notes of ganja. The taste is correspondingly gritty, with a smidgen of pleasantness. The impacts of Afghan Kush are unwinding and calming, settling on it a decent decision for night use.

Where to Buy Afghan Kush:

On the off chance that you’re searching for a great Afghan Kush strain, Uber Pot Store is the spot to go. We have a wide choice of Afghan Kush strains, which have been all evaluated by our specialists. We likewise offer different pros and cons for each strain, so you can arrive at an educated conclusion about which one is appropriate for you.

Final Result:

All things considered, the Afghan Kush weed strain is an extraordinary decision for those searching for an intense, Indica-prevailing crossover. It has a high THC content and delivers unwinding and sofa lock results, making it ideal for use around evening time.

Nonetheless, it’s likewise know to make a few negative side impacts, like dry mouth and eyes, so make certain to drink a lot of water and use eye drops if important. Assuming you’re searching for an Afghan Kush strain that is destine to be of top notch, look at Super Pot Store – we just sell the best pot strains.

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