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A Simple Guide About Packing Mistakes by Professional Movers and Packers

If you are planning to move to a new location then you might be thinking about planning and packing things. You might have ordered packing supplies or looking for suggestions regarding packing supplies from tapes to cardboard boxes. Several Professional movers and packers in Dubai are offering packing essentials to those who want to pack their house in their way but it is recommended to work with the professional packing service to avoid any mistakes that people often do while packing their belongings.

Even if you have packed your stuff already, there will be some mistakes that are often repeated while moving. Though it isn’t your fault, not understanding them can be your fault. Here is a list of mistakes that people often make while moving.

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Not Enough Packing Material

Packing material is essential while packing your belongings for the move. The professional movers and packers in Dubai always come equipped with extra material or essentials such as tapes, packing paper, heavy-duty gloves, moving slides, wrapping paper, markers, sticky notes, and different types and sizes of cardboard. The tip is to consider getting extra while ordering because you don’t know how much extra you may need to use and even if it would be a little extra, you will still have the opportunity to save it for letter or further use. 

Wrapping Fragile Items in Newspaper

Most of us get a newspaper on a daily basis (still today) and this is the reason when it comes to wrapping things in packing paper, most of us will go for newspapers and it is quite a good idea to save money on wrapping paper. However, printed newspapers come with ink that can stain delicate china and other fragile items.

According to the moving and packing company don’t mix the newspaper and printed newspaper. The newspaper is a soft paper without any print and on the other hand, a printed newspaper is the usual one. The only clear paper best to wrap the fragile is the inked ones.

Using Bubble Wrap In Wrong Way

Bubble wrap isn’t just a fun thing to pop the stress out among adults and fun for kids but it can save fragile items in the best way possible. It can secure such items from bumps while relocating. But what you don’t know is that wrapping it directly on glass or wooden items can damage their beauty as well. This is because of the condensation while moving that may cause them to stick on the furniture. You will need to consider wrapping them first in wrapping paper and then wrap them with bubble wrap. This will give them good support and security in the relocation process.

Bottom Line

Packing is one of the most essential parts of moving and relocation. You may repeat the same mistake as anyone because you also had no idea about packing stuff. If the above-mentioned things sound hard for you then consider calling the top-rated packing and moving service in Dubai for effective packing and moving.

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