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A Mesmerizing Experience Devkund Waterfall Trek


Looking for that perfect cascade hidden inside the jungle which is unknown to the world. Devkund Waterfall Trekking from Mumbai. Looking for that perfect cascade hidden inside the jungle which is unknown to the world you can join Treks and Trails India and visit the Devkund Waterfall Trek located near Bhira Village, Devkund Waterfall is one of the most beautiful falls in India. Devkund Waterfall is a substantially unknown and unexplored cascade in Maharashtra. 

 There are many imperishable falls in Maharashtra like Devkund Waterfall. The timber around the cascade is beautifully green and thick with numerous species of creatures and catcalls. Devkund keeps the spirit of the thunderstorm alive.

Your journey will lead you through numerous unexplored trails, you’ll be navigating slippery jewels, and the journey will contain medium to easy obstacles along the way. Once you reach Devkund Waterfall you’ll be overwhelmed with its beauty and filled with joy.

The white water protruded down a series of rocky outcrops, giving the effect of numerous falls rather than just one. also it flowed on its way, incurious as if nothing had passed. 

 Why Visit Devkund Waterfall Trek 

  • Most Beautiful Waterfall in Maharashtra 
  • Enjoy the natural pool below the falls 
  • Visiting the Tamhini Ghat 
  •  The water- pool under the Devkund Waterfall has clear bluish-green water. 
  •  Exploring the thick timber. 
  • Located near Andharban journey 

Essentials to Carry 

  • litres of water 
  • Proper face mask or guard( must) 
  • Sanitizer( must) 
  • touring Shoes give further grip and comfort on journey 
  •  Good Torch must with redundant battery 
  • Some Dry fruits Sot Snacks Energy Bars 
  • Glucon D/ ORS/ Tang/ Gatorade sachets 
  •  One Day pack 20 to 30 liters 
  •  Rains are anticipated, so pack your bags consequently to save them from getting wet 
  •  Do not forget to pack your mobile phones in plastic bags 
  • Rainwear/ Wrap/ Leak Proof jacket etc. 
  •  Sun Cap and Sunscreen 
  • Personal First aid and Personal Medicine 
  • Identity Evidence 
  • Please wear Full sleeves and Full Track Pant this will cover from Summer Sun/ Thorns/ Insects/ Prickles 

General Safety Guidelines 

  • Before planning for any adventure exertion, please ameliorate your minimum physical fitness. The utmost of us have been at home for a lockdown period. 
  • Please convey your real medical conditions while enrolling for the event. 
  • Kindly wear and tear three- layered masks, N95. Carry a redundant disposable mask with you. Please ensure all actors, leaders, staff, and general persons wear masks before interacting with them. 
  • Carry with your hand marshland, sanitizer bottle, and clean your hands before touching food and objects. 
  • Cover- up wear and tear full sleeves shirts and full pants, hiking shoes, caps, and face babushka over your mask. Covering over will help reduce exposure to the Covid19 contagion. 
  • Bring your food and water with necessary chopsticks like a mileage mug, chopstick, and ladle. Your mug can be used for cuisine, eating, and drinking water. Carry your applicable water bottles; please do n’t partake with others. 
  • Cooperate for temperature checks, questions reading any symptoms, and oxygen position checks; these are done to help you limit the spread of the contagion. All these checks will be conducted multiple times during the conditioning. 
  • still, dry cough, weakness, If you have any symptoms like fever,, at the time of webbing. You will not be suitable to share in the event. You’ll have to be vacated on the medical condition and should report to the nearest healthcare center. 
  • Maintain a distance of six bases or further while sleeping at night. In case distance isn’t possible, try sleeping in a criss- cross manner to avoid face propinquity. 
  • Please bring your scrap back to the megacity and dispose of it in your caddy. 

Don’t consume Alcohol

  • Consuming any alcohol, cigarettes, visage masala, tobacco, medicines should be avoided; they induce a lot of spitting, urinating, and unresistant bank, which can be dangerous for the general population. 
  • Avoid touching new shells and touching your mask and face continuously. 
  • Still, be prepared to change your position or stay for the crowd to reduce, If your adventure destination is overcrowded. 
  • Carry your own particular gear. 
  • Keep the discussion with unknown people to a minimum and maintain a distance of further than 6 bases while talking. 
  • Avoid speaking with the general population and maintain distance to keep yourself safe in these delicate times. 

Point to Note

  • Lunch/ regale is available at the base vill. Small hooches 
  • offering tea, bomb juice, and chips are set up on the way. 
  • Camping near the cascade isn’t allowed. still, you can chamber near the force. 
  • townies have set up an enrollment office at the morning of the trail. You need to hire an original companion then. Although no companion is needed for the trail, the people at the enrollment office contend you to take a companion
  • There’s a parking figure of INR 50. Guides charge INR 50 per head. Entry check posts by Bhira Grampanchayat charge INR 10 per person.

 How to reach the base of the Devkund Waterfall journey 

 The base vill to reach Devkund cascade is Bhira. This is located 26 km from Pali village ( notorious for the Ballaleshwar Ganpati tabernacle). 

There are two ways to reach Pali

 The first option is to take the direct state transport machine from Panvel depot to Pali while the alternate option is to get down at Vakan (all motorcars going to Mahad and further via Mumbai Goa trace stop at Vakan). From Vakan, there are participating motors that take you to Pali. Motors charge INR 20- 25 per person and take around 30 twinkles to reach Pali.

State transport motorcars from Pali to Bhira are also available but the frequency is veritably less. So the stylish way to travel is by a particular or hired vehicle.

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