9 Ways To Win An Effective B2B Marketing Exchange

From the recent past decade, B2B exchange has become more digital with B2B data in hand. Decision-making buyers are more prepared to do an adequate sales call from the other party. There is a team of stakeholders involved in a single decision. They have a high demand for customer experience and thus are now initiating the process of B2B marketing exchange with more power.

Considering the importance of marketing elements in B2B buying, it is essential to determine the strategies that can be smart enough to drive conversions, capture audiences, and nurture leads while keeping existing customers satisfied. Below are the top 9 ways to get you an effective B2B marketing exchange for your business. Let’s start!

1. SWOT Analysis For B2B Marketing Exchange

Ideally, there must be two types of goals followed to measure interconnected benefits to achieve success:

  • Measurable goals
  • Strategic goals

Strategic goals fall for a more market-centric approach than a sales-centric approach. They define your brand’s performance and its edge over competitors in your niche, and that is why it is essential to run a comprehensive SWOT analysis to put a clear message for a B2B strategy to use.

According to the B2B experts from assignmentassistance.co.uk,

“When deciding strategic goals, establish a real-time analysis to stay ahead of your competitors. Since B2B consumerization is entirely different from B2C marketing exchange and it involves bulk dealings and long-term selling goals, a company should know to leg up over competitors and how to mitigate your weaknesses to counteract your competitor’s USPs.”

Once you have chosen your goal-achieving strategies for implementation, put selected methods to track success. Also, don’t treat your plans being unchanged and static. It is recommended to use collected data to help refine your strategies for a specific B2B client based on the opportunity. Change variables run A/B testing to see which is most acceptable for clients depending upon the size of work, collaboration, and nature of business.

2. Personalization For B2B Marketing Exchange

B2B prospects expect a high level of personalization in dealings than B2C buyers due to an entirely different nature of doing business. According to SalesForce, “84% of customers say being treated like a person, not a number, is very important to winning their business.” Also, “59% of customers say tailored engagement based on past interactions is significant to winning their business.”

Thus, personalization is all about tailoring offers, advertising, and communication efforts to bridge the gap of needs of every client in the B2B marketplace. Personalization is the key to winning businesses with better understanding and smart targeting to deliver more relevant and faster-expected experiences. Make sure to have a clear perspective of your customer’s persona and collect their needs and preferences. Also, having a site with updated content, landing pages, paid ads, and clear CTA s will help you to deliver the best out of high levels of customization.

3. Optimized Experience

If you are planning to modify and redesign your website, make sure it works well on every mobile device. Moreover, make sure your content, including white papers and emails, are fully optimized for a responsive view. All B2B stakeholders of different ages prefer the use of mobile devices instead of carrying laptops everywhere. They use their mobile phones for emailing, researching, social media, and purchasing.

Blue Corona Statistics represents significant proof as 80% of buyers use mobile devices at work while 60% of B2B decision-makers agree that mobile plays a considerable role in making a purchase decision. Moreover, around 42% of B2B buyers purchase on mobile phones anywhere, and more than half of B2B searches are done on mobile devices. Surprisingly, over 90% of B2B buyers are likely to get back to those businesses that offer a superior mobile experience.

4. Get The Power Of Reviews

Despite the type of customer, either B2B or B2C, they always trust reviews and recommendations. Also, suggestions play a critical role in B2B as compared to B2C because they are dependent on long-term dealing and investments. They rely more on the people they know than a message coming directly from a company.

Kristine McCane suggests that 71% of B2B buyers consult for reviews before considering a purchase. Therefore, testimonials, reviews, and recommendations play a crucial role in B2B businesses.

5. High Conversion Landing Pages

Despite the medium you use to capture leads, including pop-up deals, offers, coupons, paid ads, and recommendation incentives on your website, you need to direct your prospect towards specific landing pages to let them know how your business can fulfil their needs.

Clearly define your goal for a landing page and the lead conversions you want to create. Be specific with your message so that your landing page can direct stakeholders to perform your desired action. These may include; market research, downloading a whitepaper or an eBook, making a purchase, signing up for a webinar or a course, and filling out a lead form.

6. Content Is Still The King

According to Marketing Blender, 80% of decision-makers prefer to look for authentic articles as a source of information than to go for ads. Moreover, it is an ideal way to establish your company as an expert in the industry. A perfect content must be generated towards satisfying a buyer’s needs, not for tooting your own horn.

content stats for B2B marketing exchange

Instead, think about different stages of a buyer’s journey to fit your product accordingly. Break down the cycle and feel being unique to have the edge over competitors. Keep in mind that a single B2B purchase decision involves multiple decision-makers who may have different points of view and levels of expertise. Thus, all you need is a context with relevance. Make your content perfectly error-free with authentic tools, including Grammarly, Crowd Writer and Assignment Assistance, and deliver a masterpiece every time to your clients.

7. Remember The Post-Purchase Stage

Client satisfaction is most critical in long-term subscription-based deals involved in B2B marketing exchange as they keep purchasing from you for years if they get a satisfactory service. Try to provide an immense service experience by keeping them in a loyalty loop and serving them with post-purchase follow-ups. Don’t let them hang after securing a sale, support them with their concerns and challenges. Check for periodic maintenance and resolve their pain points.

Commit to building lasting relationships with your clients as a visionary mission for growth. Ask for their genuine feedback on what you need to improve and what you are doing well. By this, you will be able to deliver a customized service for each B2B client and make them feel valued.

8. Embrace Referral Programs

The best way to utilize your existing and satisfied clients is through referral programs on digital platforms. Referrals are four times more likely to drive towards a purchase decision (DCR). Prospective clients are more prone to listen to their trusted peers, who may love to talk about having a positive experience with you. In the world of B2B marketing exchange, a formalized referral program gives you control over the sharing process.

referral stats B2B marketing

9. Automation For B2B Marketing Exchange

Lastly, implementing all of the above strategies to get the best out of your B2B marketing exchange seems to be a lot of work to do. Therefore, if you go for a manual process, then think twice. Automating processes will be going to make things easy for your company and your clients both.

While Summing It Up

Consider using tools that are affordable to generate leads and nurture client relationships. Consider all stages of the buyer’s journey when choosing process automation. By this, get the best out of the B2B marketing exchange. Good luck!

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