7 Best Design For A Custom Fleece Hoodie

How to Choose the Right Design for You Fleece Hoodies?

When starting a brand or custom clothing company, the first thing you need to work on is the designs for the custom fleece hoodie or sweatshirts. Either you can hire a designer, which is very expensive and you don’t want to pay huge chunks of money to a designer, or you can check some designs online and use them or take help from a custom fleece hoodie supplier, who provides complimentary design services to make designs for you.

In this article, we will make it easy for you and provide you with several designs you can use for your hoodie collection. We have explained some of the trendy designs that have been popular and will remain popular in the coming years. You can choose some of the designs, ask the supplier to reverse engineer them and use creative ideas to modify them to make unique designs for your brand.

Following are some designs for a custom fleece hoodie, and we hope you will love these designs.

Custom Fleece Hoodies Designs

  • Crop Top Hoodies for Women:

If you are a woman and love wearing a custom fleece hoodie, you should try wearing crop top hoodies. they look amazing, and if you are bold enough to show some skin, you can rock these hoodies with a pair of jeans or joggers. You can also go for crop top printed hoodies if you like prints on your clothing; otherwise, simple plain crop top hoodies will also look fantastic.

  • Baggy or Loose-Fit Hoodies for Men and Women:

In recent years, loose-fit and baggy hoodies have become very popular, and people of both sexes are using these hoodies to create unique and stylish outfits. You might have also seen celebrities like Billie Eilish and Rihanna wearing loose-fit custom fleece hoodies with loose-fit trousers. They look fabulous and funky and have become very popular among fashion freaks.

  • Sublimated Hoodies:

If you are into printed clothing and want a custom fleece hoodie in various designs, you can go for sublimated hoodies. Sublimation is a unique process of printing. It can print any design, and you can print every inch of the hoodies. The best part is that the quality is impressive, and you don’t have to worry about fading or bleeding of the colours because sublimation does not fade away even after years of washing.

  • Tie-Dye Hoodies for Men and Women:

Tie-dye hoodies have become very popular among men and women in recent years. You might see a lot of people wearing unique and different colours. You can also create your creative colour scheme for the custom fleece hoodie and use the tie-dye technique or sublimation to transfer your artwork to the hoodies. These hoodies look unique, funky, and colourful and give a fun vibe.

  • Printed Zipper Hoodies for Men and Women:

You can go for a printed zipper custom fleece hoodie and some creative designs. You can either go for zipper hoodies with printing on the front and when you close the hoodie, the design comes together and looks fantastic. You can go for designs on the back side as well. If you want custom hoodie designs, you can contact a supplier that makes custom hoodies for people. Some of the suppliers ask for MOQs, but many suppliers like Duskoh have a no MOQs policy, and even if you need a single hoodie, they will make it for you.

  • Hoodies with Embroidered Badges on the Arms:

You might have seen some hip-hop brands making a custom fleece hoodie with embroidered badges on the arms. It is also a unique design, and if you want to represent your brand or want to convey a message through your hoodies, it is a great way to represent your messages. You can create creative artwork that you can get embroidered on the arms of the hoodies, and these designs will look unique because embroidered badges give a very premium look to the custom fleece hoodie.

  • Hoodies with Printed Panels on the Arms:

You might have seen a custom fleece hoodie with printed panels on the arms with the branding or designs on the panels. It is also a creative design, and you can use sublimation for printing your artwork on the arms of the hoodies, and it will look amazing. Some brands also go for screen printing, but we recommend sublimation because the colour won’t fade away, and the life will be much longer than the screen-printed artwork on the arms.

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