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5 Ways to Increase the Efficiency of Conveyor Rollers

Anyone working within the manufacturing sector knows the bottom line rules. It is one reason companies are constantly looking for new, innovative technology. They are looking for ways to cut costs and maximize profits. In the last few decades, automation has become commonplace. This shift has resulted in companies needing less staff to manufacture their products. It has also resulted in rising energy costs. Believe it or not, but industrial manufacturing is consistently in the top five for the largest energy consumption for the United States.  

What does this mean? The manufacturing process requires a great deal of power for electrical production equipment. One area that should be analyzed for energy savings is the conveying process. There may be different ways to update the conveyor system and improve its efficiency. We are always looking for ways to improve your bottom line. Heavy duty conveyor rollers could be the answer.

Conveying Systems

There are a number of different methods used to move products through warehouses and other storage facilities. No matter how the products are moved, electricity is always the original power source. 

Conveying systems method:

  • Belts
  • Chains
  • Cables

Motive force methods:

  • Pneumatic
  • Hydraulic

It does not matter which method is chosen. Either method can use an incredible amount of power. This translates into a significant portion of a particular structure’s electric load. That all equates to a large percentage of the production cost. Due to that, it is important to improve efficiency in those areas. One important component is the conveyor system. It is vital to continue to make improvements to the system. Contacting industrial conveyor manufacturers to find out what equipment they have developed to improve performance is key. Why not contact us to find out more? It could mean big savings in both energy consumption and cost.

Five Best Ways to Improve Conveyor Systems

While there are numerous ways to improve systems, the five most important are listed below:

  • Select Most Efficient Conveyor Type
  • Enclosed Conveyors
  • Upgrade to Premium-Efficiency Motors
  • Variable Frequency Drive
  • Replace Outdated Conveyor Systems Regularly

Each of these methods can greatly improve the performance of the conveyor system. Whether using heavy-duty industrial rollers or improving other mechanical components, it all boils down to savings. Why not contact an industrial roller company to find out more? Let us help your company save money. Reach out today.

Select Most Efficient Conveyor Type

It might seem simple on the face of it, but efficiency really is the answer to savings. When efficiency is increased, companies can expect the following:

  • Increased Production
  • Improved Productivity
  • Increased Profitability

While simply saying efficiency is important to savings might be easy, choosing the most efficient conveyor type is not. There are various factors to consider when choosing the best fit for your conveyor system. Some of those considerations are listed below:

  • Layout and Safety Requirements
  • Material Characteristics
  • Rate
  • Installation Speed
  • Hygienic Conditions

Each of those factors can help guide companies to make the best decision for their situation. We are a leader among industrial conveyor manufacturers. Let us help increase your company’s efficiency by selecting the appropriate conveyor components.

Enclosd Conveyors

Conveyor systems all generate particulates. Whether it is caused by the packaging material or the system itself, it can become an issue. For many conveyors, a dust collection system is needed in addition to the basic system. They can require compressed air or expensive blowers to filter particulates from the production environment. By using an enclosed conveyor system, the need for a dust collection system is removed. With the elimination of the dust collection system, the operation cost is cut. The savings can be passed on to other areas of the business in need of upgrades.

Premium-Efficiency Motor

Swapping out inefficient motors can result in an incredible savings. With a premium-efficiency motor driving the conveying system components, companies can reap the benefits. Those benefits translate into a direct savings in energy costs for the production floor. Industrial conveyor manufacturers who produce heavy-duty conveyor rollers all recommend the use of premium-efficiency motors.

This type of motor provides the same level of power while using less energy. The premium-efficiency motor does this by using superior windings, long-lasting materials, and improved tolerances.

Variable Frequency Drive

Rather than operating drives at a constant rate, regardless of whether products are being moved or not, can be an energy hog. Moving from a drive that is simply on or off to one that can speed up or slow down based upon load, can help save energy and money.

Replace Outdated Conveyor Systems Regularly

When companies continue to use old, outdated conveyor systems, they are costing their company considerable amounts of money. A system lasting thirty years, while impressive, does not mean it is cost-saving. With outdated motors, worn belts, and heavy-duty industrial rollers, it can inadvertently cost a company considerably.

In Conclusion

Any company using warehouse services or industrial machining services can benefit from having their conveyor system overhauled and improved. With the replacement of outdated components, companies can save money. With increased efficiency, companies are able to produce more but spending less. This improves the bottom line. Why not reach out to us to find out what improvements can be made to your old conveyor system? We should be your next call.


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