5 Types Of YouTube Ads

YouTube Ads

About 15 decades ago YouTube began its journey on the web. It quickly became one of the best frequently used websites to date and is just behind Google as the second-largest search engine worldwide. 

The platform was launched in 2007 when it allowed advertisers to sign up however the number of advertisements we are displayed prior to, during, and even alongside the video we prefer has increased at a minimum of 10 times since the time it was first introduced. It can truly be an uphill battle to get to the end of a three-minute music video with no interruption…but that’s how it is with online advertising in the present.

Types of YouTube Ads

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In any case, let’s look at the differences among the five kinds of YouTube advertisements and how advertisers can utilize every ad type to accomplish positive things.

1. Skippable In-Stream Video Ads

On the first list are in-stream video ads that can be skipped; they can be shown either prior to or even during. The ads are played for at least 5 seconds, and then the user is able to choose whether or not to view them. It is generally accepted that the advertisement should be at no less than 12 seconds, and it’s suggested to limit it to three minutes. 

One advantage of this type of YouTube advertisement is the fact that it will only be charged if someone is watching at least 30 seconds of the whole advertisement (for any ads under 30 seconds) or clicking on the link.

2. Non-Skippable In-Stream Video Ads

The ads can be played prior to the video or even during it in the video itself. The only difference is that there’s no option to skip the video. 

Given that a large percentage seven percent of viewers skip ads shown in YouTube videos, a non-skippable advert is an ideal choice when your company really wants to increase awareness, and you don’t want to be at risk of receiving hundreds or thousands of skips. The method by which advertisements charge advertisers for their services is different in the way they charge per impression, or more precisely for every 1000 times (CPM).

3. Bumper Ads

Bumper advertisements are six-second non-skippable videos that are played right before the actual video. These ads are great for those who have an easy message to convey and do not require the production of a minute-long video. 

They are also an excellent choice for marketing efforts to raise awareness, like the promotion of an event, or for increasing the reach of a brand and frequency. If you feel that a six-second commercial is too short to be able to make an impact that lasts, Google analyzed 300 bumper ads and discovered that 90% of them created significant increases in the recall.

4. Discovery Ads

Discovery ads are quite different from the other three advertising types. They’re quite identical to Google search ads that appear within results of searches in a semi-organic manner. These ads allow us to view YouTube as an engine for search. 

Similar to Google text ads the YouTube Discovery Ads also says “Ad” in a text box to inform users that they’re paid for the results. Discovery ads consist of a thumbnail and three text lines. The best part is the fact that these ads are displayed on the search results page, the video watch page, as well as the YouTube homepage, giving them plenty of exposure.

5. Non-Video Ads

YouTube also has non-video ads for companies that don’t want to make a huge investment. The first option is to show a display advert on the right-hand part of the results, while the film is being played. 

The ad consists of an image, a text that is right next to that image, and a link to visit your site. It can also be used as a banner overlay that appears during an episode of the channel you’ve made the decision to make money from. The ads that are not video-based charge per click on a cost-per-click basis.


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