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5 Healthy ‘Superfoods’ to Include in Your Diet: Its All About Seeds!

It is 4 pm, and you are feeling peckish. What do you pick? Some healthy superfood mix or a packet of chips? The wiser choice is to pick the former, but sometimes we give in to the taste & cravings of junk and choose the latter.

However, you must start picking healthy snacks like quinoa seeds. Or superfood mix seeds, which is a mix of multiple healthy seeds. Why? The reasons for this are multiple.

Every seed, like pumpkin, or watermelon, or flax seeds is healthy and full of nutrients. That is why people call these seeds a superfood. Also, these nutritious seeds are so tiny that you can sprinkle them on your cereal or smoothie. Or you can pick up superfood mix and eat it raw. They are so delicious to eat.


Here are a few healthy seeds that you can include in your diet or eat as a snack.


Quinoa seeds- A versatile seed

Quinoa seeds are versatile and nutritious. They are full of all amino acids. Thus, making them a great addition to your diet. It is a seed, but people use it as a grain mostly. They use it as a replacement for rice, and you can also add them to your superfood mix.

Quinoa seeds are also rich in flavonoids which are plant compounds that are known for their health benefits. These are anti-viral and anti-inflammatory, which can help you stay healthy. Quinoa seeds have the maximum amount of these antioxidants.


Flax seeds

Including seeds of flax plants known as flax seeds in your diet is a good health choice. They are high in protein, fiber, and potassium. Lignans are an antioxidant, intricate for health, and flax seeds have the highest amount of lignans.

The best way to consume flax seeds is to ground them and take 1 tbsp with water. Also, you can add seeds to your smoothies or cereals, or baked goods. They also make for a great snack and are present in a superfood mix that you can buy and have with you for munching on the go.


Sunflower seeds

Another healthy seed that makes for a good nutritious snack choice is sunflower seeds. They are rich in multivitamins, monounsaturated fats, protein, and omega-6 fats, amongst other nutrients. Eating one spoon of these seeds can help you reduce inflammation. That, in turn, reduces the risk of heart problems.

To eat them, sprinkle some on your smoothies or oatmeal or include them in a superfood mix seed packet.


Chia seeds

Another superfood that you can consume without worrying is chia seeds. High in fiber, calcium, protein, and many more nutrients, it is an absolute delight to eat chia seeds. It also has a high content of omega-3 fatty acids, which makes it good for the heart and lowers sugar levels in the blood.

These antioxidant-rich seeds are easy to include in your diet. You can soak them in water and drink them. Or make chia pudding in water or milk. They are great to eat in oatmeal, and of course, you can add them to the superfood mix.


Pumpkin seeds

High in phosphorus and omega-6 healthy fats, pumpkin seeds are something that most people include in their diet. Many studies show that pumpkin seeds can better the quality of life of people dealing with urinary troubles.

You can consume them raw or roasted or add them to your salads and veggies for texture. A versatile seed that is a delicious snack too.

Every seed in this blog is beneficial for your health due to its richness of plant-based protein and antioxidants. Also, they make for a delicious and easy snack that is low in calories. Otherwise, including them in your staple diet is easy through salads, smoothies, or more.

Quinoa seeds are versatile seeds amongst them all. You can use them as a replacement for rice and eat them in multiple ways. The rest of the seeds are best for smoothies, protein bars or for eating raw. You can get quinoa seeds online. Always keep your superfood mix in your bag to munch on them when you feel peckish.


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