5 Great Ways to be Successful without College degree

You don’t necessarily need a degree to be successful. Are you wondering how to succeed without a college degree? There are many paths to success. These are some suggestions.

College can be a wonderful experience. Completing a degree can feel like the proudest moment in a person’s entire life. The student experience isn’t for everyone. Some people aren’t interested in studying full-time at campus universities, while others prefer not to. You don’t have to pay the expensive tuition at community colleges. Or you want to live a happy life. It’s possible to succeed without a degree. These are 5 great ways you can be successful without a college degree.

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1. It’s never too late to get started

It doesn’t matter if you are just 18 or 40, and have decided to not go to college. Or if you feel like it’s past time to make a career change. Google is your best friend for this. You can search for information about any career that interests you, from learning a specific skill like coding to looking up how others made it happen.

You can still benefit from the beginning now, even if it seems like you are years away from being paid for the work you love, whether that’s business consulting or inventing an app. Some businesses are successful even after their 24th or 25th iteration. It is possible to fail your first professional challenge. Start now to get the experience you need to succeed later.

2. You might consider careers that do not require a degree.

Are you curious about the odds of your success without college? Many careers such as air-traffic controllers, dental assistants, detectives, and teachers offer training while you work. This allows you to be an expert in your chosen field. You don’t even need a degree to pursue other professions, such as entrepreneur, coach, stylist and start-up CEO.

Even careers that used to be degree-focused are becoming more accessible. The UK publishing company Penguin Random House does not require a college degree. This will result in a diverse workforce and a wider book catalogue.


3. Learn how to negotiate and sell

Many jobs in the commercial industry revolve around the ability to get new business (sales) or negotiate lower fees for their products (negotiation). This is a skill that even musicians, entrepreneurs, and self-employed artists need to master.

You don’t have to be a college graduate to learn. These skills can be learned in the most basic ways, from listing old electronics and clothes on eBay to opening a shop at a vintage market. You can also use this opportunity to improve your negotiation skills to make an offer to the owner and see how they react.

4. Expand your network.

Participate in local networking events, and sign up for online webinars and hangouts to meet key social media players. You can also follow and interact with these people by following them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. To build your reputation, you can use LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter to become a well-known person on their social media pages. You may get invited to conferences or social events before you know it. These are great opportunities to increase your success chances without going to college.

5. Find a mentor

Ask someone you admire to mentor you. Even though they might not be able to meet every three months, the fact that they care about you can inspire you to plan your time and have something to share with them when you finally do meet up. How do you get them to join your team?

You can give them feedback on your latest venture, whether it’s an app, new product or market research that they need to do amongst others in your age group. You might be able to offer a skill-swap, and you may find influential people who are willing to help you.


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