5 Best Blogging tips to start your own blog

Actionable blogging tips for beginners to build high quality blogs

There are thousands of blogs across the world in different niches and it could be an uphill task to gain good visibility for your new blog. However, with the help of the right strategy, you can gradually but steadily make your way up. In this post, we are going to mention some of the key blogging tips for beginners to build a blog with a good authority that is capable of attracting, retaining, and engaging readers.


Different topics can confuse readers

 Covering a wide breadth of topics in your blog can confuse the readers and adversely affects the quality. It also complicates the research process which is the foundation for writing high-quality material. So, a much better way to start a blog is to find the niche that excites you the most. Start by gaining more knowledge on that niche to achieve an expertise. While you don’t need keen expertise, it is imperative to have good knowledge about it and a commitment to build expertise over time. Start by asking yourself: “Can I deliver some useful information in an interesting format that can attract and engage people?” If the answer is Yes, then that is the right niche for you. 

Be careful about the quality

 While volume does matter it can never be at the cost of quality. If you would look at the blogs of top bloggers, you would find a holistic balance between quality, quantity, and consistency. If you push tens of posts in a single week followed by just 3 posts the next week, it will disappoint your readers. Lack of quality and consistency are two major reasons behind lower numbers of readers and subscribers. Avoid stretching yourself to the maximum limit in the beginning. Start by posting high-quality city posts per week and focus on maintaining consistency. It will give you a good margin to steadily increase the volume without overstressing yourself or compromising the quality. It is also easier to market high quality blogs over high authority platforms. 

Offer clear takeaways to your readers

 The takeaway is very important when we talk about blogging. Posts with clear, definite takeaways get more readership and engagement which enhances the SEO profile of your blog. So, before you start writing, ask yourself how your post will help the readers. Offer them something that they can appreciate and use instantly. It can be a tutorial about using a specific application most efficiently or a detailed list of actionable tips and platforms to find and connect with the investors. Some of the most engaging formats include detailed guides, instant tips, a list of best tools or platforms, and the real business impact/benefits of industry-specificity updates.

Use a variety of formats to engage readers

 Along with the traffic, engagement is equally important. If you are getting lots of traffic but the average engagement rate is low, it will deny you the SEO benefits you deserve. While quality is the key factor to keep people engaged, it is also important to offer them some variety in formats to avoid monotony. For instance, posts with visual material like images, infographics, and videos keep the curiosity levels up and invite readers to stay longer and explore more. You can also experiment with humor and interesting tidbits to give a more refreshing look to your posts. This strategy can help you build a steady web traffic over time. 

Showcase relevant qualifications to build authority

While written material is the most important aspect of blogging, it is equally important to build and show your authority. People tend to trust bloggers who have proven expertise in their niche. For instance, if you run a business blog then talking about your MBA degree from a top business school can further cement the trust of your readers. Likewise, e if you are an award-winning ad professional then don’t forget to mention this in your Advertising Niche Blog. Talking about your relevant achievements not only build authority but may also help you get some good opportunities and connections as well.


Building your blog is one of the best ways to create digital authority and earn a good income. However, the massive competition makes it difficult to gain good visibility. In this blog, we mentioned some of the actionable tips to create blogs with good potential to stand out in the crowd. 

One of the best ways to earn a decent digital income is to start your blog. Considered as a hobby at one point in time, blogging has transformed into a strained way to earn a steady income. There are multiple ways to monetize your blog. In this post we are going to mention the top blog monetization options:



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