2 Secret Ways to Overthrow Your Competitor

It’s hard to be different when everyone else is doing the same thing. As a small business, you already feel the need to ever evolve your brand to give cutthroat competition to your counterparts.

In this article, we bring forward two secret ways to be a market dolgun escort | İstanbul Escort Bayan leader.

  • Prestige pricing makes people value you higher than your counterpart

Let’s understand prestige pricing through an excellent example of how natural diamonds always have an edge over lab-grown diamonds. Though, there is hardly any difference between a lab-grown diamond and a natural diamond. Still, people give more importance to natural diamonds.

But why is that so?

That’s because natural diamonds are marketed as being pricier and rarer. It is shown as a mark of good moments. Though mining natural diamonds exploit the workforce and are detrimental to the environment, still people do whatever it takes to own a diamond.

On the other hand, a lab-grown diamond is the same as a natural diamond. Only that it gets ready in days rather than centuries. Due to this reason, it’s way cheaper and more importantly, environment friendly.

The reason is prestige pricing.

A Price which is way more than the making cost of an item. That too just to add value to the product. This is an excellent way to make people perceive you as a better option.

The adage “You don’t wear a Rolex to tell time”, applies in overthrowing your competitors

A crucial point to remember is that if your product does not deliver what it promises, then this strategy will boomerang. To enumerate, you just cannot put any price. Rather, you will need your product pricing researched. Price research is done best when done through data analysts who work with any of the Toronto Web design companies like Cube InfoTech. The data analysis of the market pricing trend helps to hold a command in the market.

  • Work on being a source of delight to customers

You don’t have an idea at what heights customer delight can take you. Let’s understand this concept with the mobile network providers in India. In India, before 2016, there were mainly two players – Hutch and Airtel. Then came Jio from Reliance, an Indian company that has to date the highest market dolgun göğüslü escort | İstanbul Escort Bayan share.

They offered way better services. That is to say, the best package of internet access, calling and messaging that no one had ever offered the citizens of the country. The catch was that all this came at the price of peanuts. Up till that time, the internet was expensive in India. But this company Jio offered services so cheap that almost every household in the country went online. The customer delight they provided has made billions to shift to Jio. In fact, today the once snobbish market leaders are fighting to stay afloat. Thanks to Jio, today India has more than double the number of internet users than the US.

To be able to grab the attention of online users, you need to know what your customers are looking for. If you know that and if you optimize those pain points, then you are sure to stay in customers’ hearts elit bayan escort | İstanbul Escort Bayan forever.

Key Takeaway

Business nowadays is a fight to just stay afloat in the online world. The smarter you are, the better are your chances. That’s possible only when you have an expert Austin web design company do some hand holding and provide solutions to your issues. In other words, something innovative that allows you to gain an edge over competition.

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