18 Stylish Gender Neutral Haircuts That Embrace Androgyny

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I’ve always been a fan of gender neutral hairstyles, but as a person who identifies as “non-binary,” I’ve also had my fair share of struggles with getting haircuts that are both masculine and feminine. The struggle is real! When it comes to long hair, though, I’m finding myself more inspired by styles that aren’t necessarily just one or the other. In fact, there’s something comforting about embracing your natural texture and letting it grow out—and there are some pretty awesome gender-neutral cuts for hair length too!

Long hair with a center part

Portrait beauty woman short hair fashion coloring. Dark hair coloring, short haircut chocolate color. Beautiful clean facial skin, natural makeup, strong hair Portrait beauty woman short hair fashion coloring. Dark hair coloring, short haircut chocolate color. Beautiful clean facial skin, natural makeup, strong hair hair cut stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

There are a lot of ways to pull off this look. If your hair is straight, the key to success lies in keeping it long enough to put up into a ponytail or bun. If you have textured hair, then you can get away with a more casual topknot (which will also save you time on your morning routine).
This style is ideal for those who want something that’s easy to manage but still has dimension and texture. It looks amazing whether you have short or long hair!

Cardi B No Makeup

Pixie cut

The pixie cut is a classic. It’s been around since the 1950s, and it’s still going strong, even as trends come and go. This haircut is perfect for showing off your strong jawline and cheekbones. The shorter length of this style makes it easy to style with tools like hot rollers or curling irons so you can experiment with different styles that range from chic to sassy!

Edgy buzzcut

This is a great style for those who want to show off their hair, but don’t want a long haircut. The buzzcut can be styled in many ways, from a simple side part to an asymmetrical part and everything in between.
Androgynous haircuts are versatile—they look good on anyone!

Side-parted bob

Side-parted bob
This is one of the most versatile styles and can be worn the same way you would wear a regular bob. This look is perfect for those who want to embrace their masculinity, but still want to stay true to their feminine side. The side parting not only enhances your cheekbones, but also highlights your face shape! It’s an easy style that requires little maintenance, so it’s perfect if you’re low on time!

Blunt fringe

The blunt fringe is a great way to add some edge to your look. The style is simple and easy, but it can also be customized in many ways. If you want something more daring, why not try adding a few layers? Go for something more dramatic with short bangs sweeping across your forehead or try an angled cut that will make you look like you are wearing a hat!

Side-swept short bangs

Side-swept short bangs are a great option for those who want to experiment with different styles, but are too afraid to go full-on gender neutral. The bangs can be worn straight or wavy and they can also be swept over to the opposite side of your head if you’re feeling adventurous.
In general, this haircut looks best on people with naturally thick and straight hair in order to keep their face looking masculine and strong rather than feminine and weak.

Long blunt bangs with a side part

What to know:
Blunt bangs are a good choice for any face shape. Bangs are one of the most flattering haircuts, and they complement every face shape—from long faces to round ones.
Blunt bangs are a good choice for any hair length. You can wear them long or short (a la Leo DiCaprio), medium-length is fine too!
Blunt bangs will look good on any texture of hair, from fine straight strands to thick curly ones! There’s no need to worry about your texture not being “blunt-banger” enough because we’ve got you covered either way!

Asymmetrical bob

An asymmetrical bob is a great way to experiment with androgyny. You can wear it long on one side and short on the other, or straight and sleek at the top with natural curls underneath. If you want more definition, go for a drastic difference between your long and short pieces — that’s what makes this style stand out even more!
To really make your asymmetrical bob pop, add some bangs (or not). They’ll be sure to turn heads in an eye-catching way.

Short hair with an asymmetrical part

Asymmetrical hair is a great way to add some flair to your short hair. If you’re going for an androgynous look, this is a good way to achieve it.
It’s important to note that asymmetrical cuts are very dependent on how much length you want in the back of your head and if you want bangs or not. The less long the rest of your hair is, the more dramatic an asymmetrical cut will be!
For example, if you have medium length hair with just a little bit of length at the bottom but no bangs (like in this image), then styling it with a part that goes right down the middle should be all right:

Slicked back undercut

An undercut is a type of hairstyle for men, women and children. An undercut is a haircut that removes all or most of the hair from the sides and back of the head, leaving only short hair on top. This look is particularly popular among young men and teenagers.
Styling an undercut can be tricky because it requires a bit more maintenance than other cuts—but if you follow these tips, styling your shorter locks will become second nature!
To get started on your new look:

Slicked back pixie undercut

If you’re looking to embrace your androgyny, this haircut is for you. The slicked-back pixie undercut is a perfect example of how long hair can be feminine and masculine at the same time. It’s not just straight hair that makes someone seem more masculine (or vice versa). The way you style it matters as well. If you choose to wear your locks with an undercut, it sends a strong message about who you are and what kind of mood you’re in.
While the look has traditionally been associated with men, these days everyone from women to boys have been sporting this style—which means that even if long hair isn’t normally considered “girly,” it doesn’t mean that it won’t work on those with short hair either!

Undercut and long topknot

An undercut is a popular hairstyle for men, but it can be worn by women as well. A long topknot is also a popular hairstyle for women, but it can be worn by androgynous people who want to embrace their other gender identity. So what if you’re looking for an undercut and long topknot? You’ve come to the right place!
To get this look yourself, start by cutting your hair with clippers all over your head except for the longest section at the back (or sides). Then use scissors or thinning shears to cut that long section into a ponytail. Finally, twist that ponytail around itself so that only about an inch of hair sticks out from under its own weight—then secure the end of this strand with an elastic band or tie one on if necessary. That’s it!
You might need some practice before getting this style just right; but once you do, it will look awesome no matter where you go.

Vintage short hair with finger waves

Finger waves are a classic hairstyle that adds texture and femininity to short haircuts. Finger waves are easy to create at home and any hair length, so they’re the perfect choice if you want to add some glamour to your masculine haircut.
Wash your hair as normal, then towel dry it.
Take small sections of damp hair and wrap them around one finger, letting them fall into place on their own while you hold the section tight with another hand (keeping those fingers away from the end of each piece).

Crew cut

A crew cut is a military style haircut that has been around for centuries. It is a shorter version of the classic men’s haircut, where the hair on top of your head is very short and the sides are tapered down to about an inch long. This haircut is perfect for people who want a low maintenance haircut without sacrificing their masculinity. Crew cuts look great on people with curly hair because it adds more texture to their locks, but they also work well for those who have fine or thick hair as well because it makes styling easier than other hairstyles can be.
You can be masculine or feminine and still have long hair.
It’s all about the way you wear it. A person who identifies as gender fluid, for example, may choose to wear their hair long and loose or in a short pixie cut—the only thing that matters is how they feel in the moment.
You might be inclined to think that long hair is more feminine and short hair is for men (and vice versa), but this isn’t always true! It’s possible to be masculine or feminine and still have long hair. In fact, we’d argue that some of the most stylish haircuts are those that break these traditional gender norms—like the undercut on [model] Eliot Rocha above or even just a simple ponytail like [actress] Angelina Jolie regularly wears these days!


We hope you enjoyed this list of the 18 most stylish gender-neutral haircuts. At the end of the day, your hair is a reflection of who you are and what makes you unique. We know that it can be difficult to find a style that suits your personality, but hopefully these suggestions will give you some inspiration!

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